Assistance in registering a quota

Has your organization already taken care of opening quotas for foreign employees for this year and the next one?

For some companies hiring foreign employees is a question of prestige. For other companies it is a production necessity resulting from the realia of the market. However, depending on the position offered to the specialist and the aims of engaging employees from non-CIS countries, some companies will have to face the procedure of opening quotas for engaging foreign employees. «RosCo» specialists will gladly help you with this within the shortest possible term and with minimal effort on your part.

On 01.01.2015 a federal act as of November 24, 2014 No. 357-ФЗ “On amending the federal act “On legal position of foreign citizens in Russian Federation” and individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation” came into force. It establishes a new order of engaging foreign citizens in labour activity on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with this law, the Government of the Russian Federation annually determines the need in engaging foreign employees coming from non-CIS countries by claiming a visa. On this basis, the quotas for the highest possible number of foreigners that can be involved in one or another sphere are determined.

For determination of the size of a quota the employer must hand in respective applications to the State Public Institution “Moscow Centre of Labour Exchange”. What is more, for determination of a quota for the current year, the application has to be handed in before the 1st of September in accordance with the schedule of admitting applications. For determination of a quota for the next year, the application has to be handed in before the 1st of July of the current year. Each application is processed during 25 days.


The cost of foreign employees quota registration services

is evaluated individually

Keep in mind! During the time that we save you, you will earn much more than the cost of our services.

Why is it better to entrust «RosCo» specialists with this task?

  • We will request all the necessary documents from you only once.
  • You won’t even have to leave your office because we will send a courier for the requested documents.
  • We do everything faster. The average time our company needs to open a quota for you from the moment of you turning to us is 30 days.
  • We have vast experience of opening foreign employee quotas for organizations. In total, quotas for thousands of foreign employees have been opened with the help of «RosCo» specialists.