Making changes to the information on representative offices and branches of foreign companies. What? Where? When?

In any dynamically developing company, changes are inevitable. Maybe until today, you didn't know that for a legitimate presence in the Russian market of a representative office (branch) of a foreign company, it is necessary to bring new information to the state register in a timely manner. Therefore, further we will consider, in what cases and how this procedure is carried out.

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The current legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the need to amend the information
on representative offices (branches) of foreign companies in a number of cases.

This concerns both changes in the parent company and in the representative office (branch):

change of information about a foreign
legal entity;
replacement of the head of
the representative office (branch);
change of information about the bank in the country
of registration;
change of information about types of
economic activity
in the territory of the Russian Federation;
change of the name
of the representative office (branch);
change in the number of
foreign citizens who are employees of a
representative office (branch).
change of location of
representative office (branch);


The procedure for amending the information on representative offices
(branches) of foreign companies begins at the Federal Tax Service of Russia, where changes are
made in the state register of accredited representative offices and branches.

After this, there is an appeal to the Social Insurance Fund, the Pension Fund,
as well as to the State Statistics Authorities.

After passing the procedure in each state body you receive a document
confirming the fact of making changes to the information on the foreign representative office (branch).


Documents to the authorized tax authority shall be provided within
15 calendar days from the date of the relevant information change.

Then, within 10 working days after the submission of documents, the tax authority makes changes to the register.


The introduction of changes in information about representative offices and branches of foreign
companies is a rather troublesome process, during which one can easily encounter bureaucratic delays and other obstacles.

However, by contacting RosCo on this matter, you can be sure that our experienced specialists
will find a way out of any situation. Whether it is a refusal to accept documents by a government agency or another problem.

In addition, the extensive experience and professionalism of our employees allows you to work on
the simultaneous introduction of several changes at once to your company - all the necessary documents will be prepared
correctly and on time.

By the way, about time. It will also be saved a lot. For submission to each state body
, notarized copies of the established package of documents are required. They can be ordered directly from us
and save time for a visit to the notary.

Similarly, RosCo specialists constantly monitor the situation with the readiness of documents in all
state bodies, which avoids unnecessary time delays.

In addition, after solving legal problems, you can assign accounting
services for a representative office or branch to the profile specialists of RosCo.

This will avoid the search for experienced accountants and be confident in the quality of the services provided.


Preparation of all documents required
for making changes
Getting new statistics codes
(if necessary)
Confidence that the necessary extrabudgetary
funds will be notified of
changes in the information about your
representative office (branch) - in the future
there will be no problems with reporting
Saving time on filing and obtaining
documents from the Federal tax
service of Russia — all will be done by our specialist
in notarial power of attorney
Full resolution of the issue
within a period of not more than 18 working days
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