Legal contracts review

A contract is a key business deal regulator, guarantor of the liabilities performance and the main instrument to
be called on in all cases of violation of terms, complications, and contradictions. Therefore, the highest
requirements are imposed upon it – both to its conceptualization and content.

One cannot always ensure one hundred percent certainty of complete satisfaction of the Parties with documentation
on upcoming deals or already concluded ones. In such a case one should secure support from experts who will be able
to check the degree of their client's protection against improper agreements and relevant risks.

For this purpose, it is not recommended to "economize", saving the service cost with the help of one's own
employees – they will spend a lot of time on the legal contracts review while it is not always possible to
maintain a due level.


By involving specialists of our company in work, a customer stands assured of
due examination and protection of all his deals.

RosCo legal contracts review in Moscow includes assessment
of both upcoming documentation and the contracts, which are already in force.

We perform all actions timely and promptly, passing no important aspects over.
With us, our clients avoid the danger of declaring a contract or deal void and of its litigation.

There are other procedures, included in the price of legal contracts review: the legal advisor will
take off the clauses, disadvantageous for the clients, from the agreement, and will provide
consideration of all conditions and conciliation of all contradictions.

Examination and assessment of deals will help to avoid misunderstanding between the partners and will remove
claims by tax authorities, ensuring a due level of prudence.

For this purpose, the best value price of the service is available to our clients – legal contracts review
by RosCo legal advisers will prove beneficial for the client in the end.

We will study the documents, sent by contractors, prepare lists of non-agreeable terms,
and, in the case of impossibility to change conditions, we will warn the client of all possible
scenarios for development of the events.


The service "Legal contracts review" provides not only analysis of already issued documentation. Our specialists
will help the client company to equip themselves with quality templates after studying the deals it concludes
in the course of its everyday business. We study special features of activity of a firm, its contractors, goods,
or services to be received or supplied.

Stages of the legal review are performed on the basis of the data received:

  • detailed examination of the purport of agreements for compliance with the client's interests,

  • quality of design and formulations,

  • assessment of the company's position

  • etc.

All legal assistance, received by our clients in RosCo,
is timely and of high quality.

Our employees are competent and experienced specialists who are aware of the regulatory framework
updates and are able to benefit from them. By ordering legal contracts review in RosCo, a client is
able to relieve himself from a tiresome and responsible duty. Our legal advisers will perform assessment
of agreements and offers, coming from contractors, will be able to save the client from critical errors,
will develop tactics of reaction to those provisions, which cannot be modified.

In legal practice, the legal contracts review also includes examination of documents for correction
of accounting and tax reporting, connected with making of a deal. RosCo employs competent auditors who
will be able to counteract and correct all inaccuracies. If necessary, it will be possible to use our
conclusions in courts in case of a legal action for the purpose of funds recovering or rights protection.

The experts' conclusions are always accurate, legally correct, comply with applicable norms,
and aimed at comprehensive protection of the client's interests.

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