Tax audit

The tax legislation of the Russian Federation is rather complex and sometimes controversial. The procedure of obligatory assessment charges and tax base calculation is often changed, that requires from owners of businesses constant monitoring of legislation changes, searching highly qualified employees.

Any mistake is fraught with serious consequences, that may not only affect financial results, but put at risk the existence of the company and entail criminal responsibility. This makes enterprises management to think seriously about engaging external competent experts.

"RosCo" employees will relieve You from tax and financial risks. We will help You to save time and money, optimize the taxation system at the enterprise, verify accuracy and correctness of accounting. This is a great support for stable and profitable business organization.

Such services as audit and taxes optimization are in high demand in Moscow. Our experts are well aware about this issue and have great practical experience and act in the interests of the customer.


Conducting tax audit independently, a company runs high risks and, what may not be apparent, bears significant
costs. The thing is that this area is rather complex, and competent specialist in this area are rather expensive.
The cost of tax audit conducted by our experts may well cost less than the payment for the work of full-time
employees. Remembering the necessity to pay charges to the Federal tax service and extra-budgetary structures,
allocate funds for equipment, work place organization, the amount will be an unpleasant surprise for You.

By engaging an employee of a specialized company for conducting an audit it is easy to avoid unnecessary costs.

Among other advantages of outsourcing for conducting this work the following can be named:

  • Confidence in the competence of experts who are entrusted with auditing tax records.
    "RosCo" employees constantly improve their qualification, prolong auditor's certificate
    (and the customer doesn't pay for it, that is not unimportant). This is their principal activity.

  • Work continuity. As distinct from an organization with full-time employee, tax audit
    through outsourcing excludes cases of a sudden illness or dismissal of the indispensable

  • Comprehensiveness of the service. The cost of audit often includes extensive consultations,
    aimed at raising effectiveness of activities in the long-term perspective,
    and recommendations on current adjustments.

  • The customer's needs and purposes orientation. Full-time employees do not always
    completely interested in high performance, and for an external adviser
    high quality tax reports audit and the customer's satisfaction with its results are the priority.

The service is popular for all these reasons taken together. But tax accounting
audit is a high risk activity. One should carefully choose a partner for conducting it.

"RosCo" experts conduct tax audit at a affordable cost.
The purpose is to verify tax accounting and payment compliance to the acting legislation.

Based on the analysis results we provide recommendations on taxation system optimization,
that significantly reduces the costs of the organization.


It is reasonable to conduct analysis and tax audit in the following cases:

tax audits have not been
conducted for a long time
there are doubts about
the chief accountant competence
the company has carried out a deal uncharacteristic
of its regular activities, complex from the point
of view of its reflecting in reporting documents

High qualified "RosCo" experts conduct tax audit of an enterprise at
affordable price along the following lines:

tax obligations performance verification
within the framework of requirements
established by the legislation
analysis of the payments amount
calculation arrangements and
tax relief application validity
taxation optimization
verification of tax declarations
preparation adequacy
tax risks identification and analysis

Tax audit, detailed information about the cost of which may be obtained from our advisers, makes it possible
to minimize tax risks, get ready for inspections, avoid penalties, organize work within the legal boundaries.

Any direction is subject to auditing.

The period of conducting analysis may also be different - as a rule, not longer than three years.

At the moment of signing the agreement we will agree the time and number of the audit stages with the customer.

We will conduct the audit of VAT, excise duties, transport and land tax, withholding tax and so on.

"RosCo" experts will indicate identified violations and risks, provide recommendations
on activities adjustment and threats removal in their report.

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