Attraction of external accounting specialists is an economical and effective way for companies to maintain accounting in the ideal order and to reduce staff costs. The correctness of the internal and external reporting, the maintenance of tax accounting, the accuracy of settlements with counterparties depends on the qualification of the accountant or the accounting staff. In addition, such activities are regulated by law and subject to verification, therefore it is very important to perform accounting properly. Making systematic mistakes can lead to serious consequences, including the imposition of penalties on the company. It's good when company can afford experienced professionals who know all the features of accounting at an enterprise of a specific type of activity. And what shall the smaller companies do to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation? The answer is simple: to contact RosCo and sign a contract for accounting.

To maintain accounting by employees of external specialized organizations is a convenient and modern solution. The benefits of such actions are obvious. Accounting services will be performed at a high professional level taking into account the individual features of the business, because RosCo's experts have necessary knowledge, as well as vast experience in solving even the most complicated tasks that staff accountants could not face in their work. There is no need for our employee, who will be engaged in full accounting, to prepare a workplace, he/she does not require paid leave, and so on.


  • Due to the flexible approach, we can offer each customer the best package of services. RosCo's experienced specialists carry out accounting in Moscow and beyond its borders for enterprises of all sizes and forms of ownership. The work is performed in a convenient mode: our employees are always available and perform their duties in a timely manner.
  • Depending on your wishes, we carry out both accounting of separate directions, and complex support of the organization.


Continuous accounting for all areas
Personnel management
Accrual of salaries
Tax accounting
Drawing of stipulated statement, including zero statement
Submission of reports for relevant periods to state and tax authorities


By signing a contract for accounting with our company,
you get a number of benefits, which may not have been thought of before.

the cost of our company's services
is lower than the salary of a
good accountant
you are served by a team of specialized
professionals, each of whom is
responsible for a certain type of work
and is familiarized with all aspects
when facing an unusual
situation, you are not looking for
solutions by yourself
by ordering an accounting service, you do not bear the costs of
maintaining the working position
you do not pay taxes from
the accountant's salary

(saving of 47% = 13% PIT + 22%
PFRF + 2.9% SIF+ 5.1%
FOMIF+ 0.2-1.9% SIFI)
costs for third-party accounting
are taken into account
when calculating the profit tax,
which is another 20% of savings
you do not pay
annual and medical leaves
you do not pay for the use of
automated accounting
you do not waste time
for staff recruiting
  • RosCo's experienced lawyers, auditors and tax consultants will always help you in unusual accounting and taxation situations.
  • Our contract defines the responsibility for the professional provision of services. Whereas the responsibility of RosCo is insured in IC Zurich LLC.
  • We perform company accounting of any volume, from drawing of "zero accounting" to continuous cooperation with the Client.

If you do not have time, necessary knowledge and desire to understand the accounting aspects,
then RosCo will help you perform perfect accounting in all areas.

Our accountants have a
extensive work experience and
regularly attend train
courtesy and timeliness
of the work of RosCo's accountant is checked by
the internal control
In our work we use the
latest technology
of accounting software
and not only it
Quality of work of RosCo's
accountant is checked by the
internal audit service
We provide free consultations on
current activities
to our clients
We compensate penalties and fines,
if they are due to the fault of
our accountant
What is an Apostille?
What is an Apostille?
Apostille is a seal certifying the authenticity of a document, as well as confirming the fact that it was received under the laws of the country that issued it. This seal is necessary for those traveling abroad, as a confirmation of the validity of their documents. Moreover, it is recognized only among one hundred thirty five signatory countries, including Russia. An important nuance: the document can be apostilled only in the country that issued its original. 1. Where it is not required. 2. What documents needs the apostle certify:.. 3. Types of apostille. 4. What an apostille should contain:... 5. In the Russian Federation, documents are apostilled in such state structures as:... 6. When legalizing, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of a foreign state for a translation, namely, what kind of translation may be required:.. RosCo – entrust your business to professionals! Будь в курсе последних новостей, смотри и читай нас там, где тебе удобно: Канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RosCoConsultingaudit/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/roscoaudit/ ЯндексДзен - https://zen.yandex.ru/roscoaudit Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rosco_consulting/ https://rosco.su/
Registration of LLC with foreign capital
According to Western experts, Russia is becoming an increasingly attractive country for investment and business. Moreover, Russian legislation does not prohibit tax non-residents from registering their companies here. Plus, both types of entities, as individuals and legal persons. An important nuance: regardless of who is the founder (Russian or foreigner), the activities of any limited liability company (LLC) are carried out strictly on the territory of the Russian Federation and following its laws. That is, the company will be considered Russian. 1. Why do you need registration and when you do not need it? 2. What options for the existence of a foreign company are possible on the territory of the Russian Federation? 3. Subsidiary company (Limited Liability Company, Joint - Stock Company) 4. Representative office 5. Branch office Будь в курсе последних новостей, смотри и читай нас там, где тебе удобно: Канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RosCoConsultingaudit/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/roscoaudit/ ЯндексДзен - https://zen.yandex.ru/roscoaudit Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rosco_consulting/ https://rosco.su/
How to enter into the SME Register?
Entering into the SME Register and exclusion of information about a Russian organization with a share of foreign companies in the authorized capital exceeding 49% are performed on a yearly basis from July 1 to July 5 (inclusive). Who shall provide the data on such companies to tax authorities for subsequent entering into the SME Register? The sources of such information for maintaining a unified register of SMEs are audit companies. For this purpose, the Russian audit companies shall give a conclusion confirming compliance of the foreign member of the Russian company with the criteria for obtaining SME status. Thus, if a Russian company having a foreign member is interested in getting into the SME Register, first of all it should initiate an audit of compliance with the requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises. The procedure for interaction between the Russian audit company and the customer company is explained by the Ministry of Finance. At the initiative of the LLC, a Russian audit company renders a service that involves confirmation of compliance of LLC members being foreign companies with the above criteria for SMEs; Confirmation shall be arranged on an annual basis. For this purpose, the audit company compares the data on the amount of income for the year and the average staff number of a foreign company with the criteria specified in the law. For making such comparison, the LLC shall submit to the auditor the statements of a foreign company for the corresponding year filed to the tax authority of the country where this company is established. According to the results of the audit, the audit company independently submits information to the tax service about the Russian company having a foreign member for entering into the SME Register. The data are summarized in the form of a file signed by an enhanced qualified digital signature of the audit company through the official website of the Federal Tax Service. The information may also be entered manually on the website of the Federal Tax Service after authorization of the information provider. Будь в курсе последних новостей, смотри и читай нас там, где тебе удобно: Канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RosCoConsultingaudit/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/roscoaudit/ ЯндексДзен - https://zen.yandex.ru/roscoaudit Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rosco_consulting/ https://rosco.su/
Date of foundation
company «ROSCO»
Membership in professional organizations:
SRO NP «Audit Chamber of Russia»
(Certificate No 1809 dated 28.12.2009)
Chamber of Tax
(Certificate No 78)
NP «Partnership of RSE»
(Russian Society of Evaluators)
Membership in public association:
Moscow Chamber
of Commerce and Industry
(Certificate No 123-973 dated 21.12.2009)
Partnership of Turkish Entrepreneurs (RTIB)
(as per the results of 2009 -
is included in the register of reliable enterprises of Moscow
Certificates of conformity:
Certificate of conformity to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008)
is insured