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Qualified personnel is one of the main components of the company's success. In order to realize its potential it is often necessary to engage specialists from abroad and buy a work permit for them. It is a rather labor-intensive procedure which requires fundamental approach, knowledge of legislation, confidence that the information where the work permit may be obtained and how to do it is up-to-date and sufficient time for passing all bureaucratic procedures.

It not the best idea to saddle the employee with such task. Labor-intensiveness and long term of execution of the work permit may complicate the company's activity. It is more reasonable to apply to professionals.

All categories of engaged employees shall obtain work permits officially and there shall be no exceptions. State authorities keep a wary eye not only on the fact of passing the registration but also on compliance with timeframes. Therefore, if a foreigner or receiving company has not concerned themselves with competent execution of the work permit, the price of such light-mindedness may be high.


When employing foreign citizens it is important to pass the whole procedure competently and in compliance with legislative regulations.

Concerning such matter as work permit in Russia the price of its execution is often of decisive importance. The employer compares it with personal expenses on the whole procedure and takes a rational decision. Not only material but also time expenditure shall be taken into account. It is related to the fact that the time spent on realization of such task as work permit for a year or any other period of time will not be spent on main activity which may affect the financial performance. It is rather natural that no entrepreneur is ready to risk the company's status. Consequently, the expert assistance in obtaining a work permit will be rather welcome.


Specialists of our company know all legal and administrative aspects of the matter well and are ready to take on all bureaucratic difficulties.

RosCo will help in execution of permit for work in Moscow as soon as possible. The receiving party and foreign citizen will not need to visit authorities and sort out a pile of documents by themselves.

We offer the following services:

Execution of a work permit for CIS citizens. The category of employees does not need a visa for stay in Russia, however, they need a permit of the country to carry out labor activity there. We will help to have it executed within 15 days, take on settlement of the whole complex of tasks and ensure guarantees of compliance with requirements of the laws.

Migration permit for employment for citizens of non-CIS countries. Such categories of employees apart from employment documents also need a visa. RosCo experts will prepare all necessary documents and help to pass the procedure allowing the employer to concentrate on its main business activity.

Quota execution. Needing to engage qualified personnel from abroad companies are interested not only in how much it is to obtain a work permit but also in possibilities to invite several specialists at once. The country regulates the index. The government determines the need of industries and companies in foreign employees and distributes quotas for creation of workplaces for them. RosCo employees will help in duly execution thereof. We will do everything quickly and with high quality and the cost of work permits will remain affordable.

Visa execution. Engaging citizens from abroad you should concern that they have an employment visa. Without such visa they will not be able to obtain a work permit (Moscow imposes rather severe requirements on the process). We render visa assistance through which we save a lot of business owner's time.

Registration of foreign citizens. Obtaining a permit for work in Moscow is a ground for visit of the capital. Then the foreign citizen shall be registered there in order to ensure comfortable stay in the country under legal conditions. Our employees offer such assistance.

Permit for work in Moscow for (CIS and non-CIS) highly-qualified specialists. Foreign citizens with fundamental professional knowledge, large experience and annual income over 2 million rubles are referred to highly qualified specialists. In this case the work permit (our experts will render assistance) has its peculiarities.

It is far from the whole range of services of RosCo. By order of the customer we will notify the foreign job applicant of employment or dismissal, have work permits re-issued, etc.


There is no doubt that professional assistance in execution of the work permit is reasonable.
It is important only to chose a specialized company correctly. You can entrust RosCo with execution of a work
permit for foreign citizens - you will obtain necessary services, efficiency and competence in each detail from us.

We will tell you how much the permit for work in the RF costs, follow all the stages of the procedure, help
the employee to be accredited with the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service of the RF and the company
to obtain a quota for a foreign employee in time.

RosCo has some other advantages:


Our employees will help to collect and prepare all documents, consult on important details, control the period of time required for execution of the work permit


We execute quotas for non-CIS specialists on average within 30 days, help to be registered within the period of time required by the laws


We execute work permits on a turnkey basis, the customers do not need to come to our office, our employees will come to you themselves and only once


We know absolutely exactly what bureaucratic procedures look like, how much the work permit in Russia costs, etc.

Citizens of foreign countries wishing to work in the RF officially may be employed according to one of the models. For employees requiring en employment visa the quota shall be executed in advance in accordance with FZ No. 357, the employing company shall make an application before September 1 (for the current year) and before July 1 (for the following year). The decision shall be taken within 25 days.

The work permit for foreign employees may be obtained following the procedure for highly qualified specialists. Regardless of the method the foreign citizen shall be registered within 7 days from entry and the receiving party shall notify the Federal Migration Service of his/her arrival. Our company will help to regulate these and other formalities.

We will help to obtain work permits for foreign citizens (the price will be a pleasant surprise), ensure quiet and legal work for your employees and you.

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