Business expansion is a natural and reasonable wish of
each entrepreneur.

Companies get ready for entry to the international stage of their activity carefully as the smallest mistake can become fatal. They are often obliged to have a work permit executed for foreign citizens - it is impossible to create relations with external market participants accurately and skillfully without it. The engaged expert helps to adapt to new needs but the company faces difficulties when introducing him/her to the domestic legal environment. If the need in the work permit occurs, RosCo will assist in obtaining it quickly and without problems.

The situations in which business owners learn how labor-intensive the procedure of obtaining a work permit can be and refuse from promising possibilities are often. Do not do it - RosCo will be able to obtain a permit for work in Moscow as soon as possible. We always focus on the customer's interests and compensate expenses on the service with good faith, completeness and high quality. Lawyers try to have the work permit issued by engaging the valuable invited foreigner and customer company as little as possible.


According to the requirements specified in the laws (Federal Law No. 115) the process consists of
several standardized stages. The permit for work in Moscow for foreign citizens is preceded by:

cooperation with the job center - the request and a package of documents shall be sent there;
you should control that the vacancy for the invited
non-resident is formed at the same time

obtaining authorization documents for the customer company wishing to have a permit
for work in Moscow issued for a non-CIS resident;
medical and insurance documents (certificates, policy) as well as certification
of the language proficiency level will be required form him/her (RosCo will do the rest)

obtaining a confirmation card from the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service
- after that the employee is ready for fulfillment of his/her duties.

Execution of work permits takes not less than three months - the realia do not allow
to specify a lesser period of time.

RosCo will help to have a work permit issued for foreign citizens by simplification of the procedure
as much as possible in order to decrease negative factors for customers and their high-class employees.
A foreign citizen is spared possible visits to authorities. He/she does not need to stay in queues
himself/herself or talk to representatives of authorities - we will help at all stages.

The permit for work in Moscow (as well as its extension) is an affordable service as RosCo sees to it
that the price level remains acceptable.

The key advantage of engagement of our outsource experts is the possibility not to disturb
the everyday activity of the company. The permit for work for foreigners participating in
taking strategically important intracompany decisions will not distract them from their activity.

The profit which the company will loose if the specialist does the routines himself/herself
is more than the saved money. He/she will obtain a work permit but it will result in the loss
of promising markets, possible income and waste of funds for salary. If you calculate all figures
carefully, the conclusions will become obvious.


to call us
or write to us

to conclude an agreement,
pay for RosCo services

to transfer necessary
documents and information to us

to sign prepared
documents and seal them

to wait for 3 months and not worry
of anything

to obtain finished documents
at RosCo office


we will spare you
bureaucratic details
we will perform the work
professionally and quickly
trusting specialists with enormous
experience you will protect yourself from possible risks
and mistakes
considerably simplify
the whole process
to be passed in order to obtain
a permit
we can render consulting services
at all stages
of obtaining
the permit
or will perform all work on a turnkey basis
under a power of attorney
by presenting a foreign employee at all

RosCo will help a foreign citizen and his/her employer to avoid time expenditure and
financial faults. We have been working at the market successfully for a long time:

  • Since 2004 RosCo has been helping to legalize work for foreigners. All of them have been working in the
    domestic business area without remarks of controlling authorities. For us it is one of the key well-known
    areas of activity;
  • We focus on the customer's needs. The work permit for citizens of other countries in terms of the cost is
    always individual. We discuss details and form an acceptable amount of our fee.


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