Debt recovery

Modern business realities make many companies face the problem of non-repayment of given loans and debts. Procedure of their recovery is often connected with many unpleasant moments and inconveniences: unwillingness of a debtor to enter into negotiations, necessity to bring its money recovery to the court and so on. The whole pool of debt is very heterogeneous, it is accompanied by many procedural peculiarities, and legal assistance for debts recovery becomes not just a convenience, but a necessity.

Company employees who perform their direct responsibilities quite well, may have no experience of conducting such procedures or no knowledge of process peculiarities. That is why engaging relevant organizations completely justifies the costs of services - procedure of debt recovery will be conducted by experts who have relevant competences.


Correctly assess and register all aspect of the case

Develop a complex of necessary measures of both pre-trial and
judicial nature

Not to violate law during the process of debt recovery


Our consulting company collects debts from legal entities in Moscow,
is ready to offer services and assistance of highly qualified specialists.

We will help customers at all stages of settlement process:

in holding expertize,
perspectives and risks assessment
in recovery strategy development
in pre-trial settlement:
in mediation, claim settlement
in debt collection
in judicial instances
in enforcement proceedings

Many customers have concerns about prices for legal services - debt recovery with the help of "RosCo" is affordable,
but the cost of this procedure is compensated by operational effectiveness and absence of discomfort for the customer.

We have experience enough for determining the type and nature of indebtedness,
and we shall also help to settle all obligations by "peaceful means" and with minimal costs.

"RosCo" maintains adequate costs of services - debt recovery will not be burdensome for the customer.

We will help to prepare documentation, monitor that the information is brought
to the attention of the debtor and ensure collection of all amounts of money.

The "RosCo" company is supporting its customers in enforcement agencies of any level and kind.
If a person, filing a claim against a company, requires legal services for debt recovery, such
cases are reviewed in court. If disagreements arise between business entities (including self-employed
entrepreneurs) the case id transferred to arbitration courts.

Courts of referees may be an alternative when reviewing such cases. However, one
should remember that all papers for execution according to their decisions are issued by arbitration courts.

By applying to our company for legal services of debts recovery,
You can be sure that the specialists know all legal,
economic, records keeping and other peculiarities.

We take full responsibility for conducting of case by applying integrated approach.
The debt recovery service includes conducting preliminary consultations,
and prompt response to unexpectedly arising circumstances.

"RosCo" has worked with similar cases for many years, and our employees are ready for any
course of events. We are doing everything for minimization of financial losses, unpleasant
examinations, undertake to conduct difficult negotiations and complaint management.

Cooperation with us guarantees successful results.

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