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«RosCo» supported «VILKOM» with issuing an invitation for foreigners to Russia. Our lawyers did everything possible to ensure that the document went through the entire procedure within the framework of the Russian legislation as quickly as possible. 
Qualified personnel is one of the main components of a company's success. In order to overcome the legal procedures regarding hiring qualified foreign employees in Russia, LLC “Leprost” addressed the issue to the RosCo’s specialists. 
The presence of a foreign company in the Russian market is possible only if it has an accredited representative office or branch in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Turkish company Acıbadem Healthcare Group entrusted this procedure to RosCo specialists.
The Swiss company Nizh Chemie AG applied to RosCo professionals, who helped to open a representative office in Moscow timely and without any problem.
RosCo helps legal entities to enter the legal framework of the country. Our experts know the laws perfectly and have been interacting with government institutions for a long time.
A properly drawn-up contract guarantees compliance with the legal standards, protection of the client's interests, and will also help to avoid possible risks and threats in the future. That’s why STEIL TC entrusted the preparation of a forwarding contract to RosCo specialists.
The first step on the way to conquering a new market is the accreditation of a representative office of a foreign company. The Irish company GDSI has entrusted the conduction of this complex and lengthy procedure to highly qualified lawyers of RosCo.
STFA Investment Holding Group is one of the most reputable and respected Turkish conglomerates, which provides services in the sectors of construction and construction equipment. RosCo specialists helped the Turkish group to open an LLC in Russia, to which they will also provide accounting services.
The Solidarity charitable foundation provides aid to the hungry, sick, and other people/children in difficult circumstances. RosCo conducted a mandatory audit for the new client.
The contract is the most important transaction regulator, the guarantor of the fulfillment of obligations, and the main document to which the parties appeal in case of any violation, difficulty, or contradiction. That’s why Finardi applied to RosCo for the legal review of a service contract.
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