Work permit for a highly qualified specialist (HQS)

During staff recruitment a modern company does not limit itself to the national framework. Globalization of economic relations results in the fact that the necessary employee may be invited from abroad.

In this case registration and permit for work in Moscow and at any place of the RF is a basic and indispensable condition. The procedure is rather complicated, requires adherence to all requirements and only professionals should be entrusted with it. If specialists pretending to the work permit (the price of work of which may be very high) are engaged in the bureaucratic routine themselves, the company will loose much more than the cost of the services of specialized document processing companies.

  • The highly qualified specialists (HQS) according to legislative regulations of the RF include persons
    having foreign citizenship and income over 2 million rubles per year under agreements/ contracts.
    It is purported that the employees are notable for high level of knowledge, have experience of work in the professional sphere.
  • The work permit for three years is obtained for them following a simplified procedure compared to that for other foreign employees.
  • Both representatives of domestic commerce and branches of foreign companies are entitled to invite HQS.
    Registration of HQS, cost, other peculiarities and specific character differ only in details.

to call
or write to us

to conclude an agreement,
pay for RosCo services

to transfer necessary
documents and information to us

to sign prepared
documents and seal them

to meet face-to-face for an interview
with the migration service head

to wait for 1 month and not to worry
of anything

to obtain finished documents
at the migration service personally


RosCo will help you to give a permanency to a foreign employee quickly and professionally
in compliance with absolutely all requirements of norms.

  • only 30 days will be required for registration and permit for work in Moscow
    for your new colleague - we will complete all the required formalities

  • we will control validity terms of the valid documents and remind you
    of expiration thereof

  • having entrusted us with registration of a HQS the cost of which is much less than losses
    in case of failure to meet the legislation you will obtain a complex of consultations
    and required services of drawing up and preparation of documents

  • we will execute invitations for an employee, accompany the specialist to all required
    institutions and help in registration with the Directorate of the Federal Migration
    Service (DFMS) in the capital

During contact with controlling authorities both the invited specialist and
its employer have to participate. Although HQS have benefits, they are not spared unpleasant bureaucracy.

The employee has to be present at the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service, its employer has to
collect a large package of documents. The specialist has to prepare medical cards, insurance documents.
RosCo will save them all inconveniences - we will have a permit for a HQS executed quickly without distracting
the customer from its activity.

The advantage of HQS registration is that the companies inviting external non-resident employees have to prove
that no suitable specialist for the vacancy has been found in the country. That is why the work permit
has to be confirmed at the job center. For registration of a HQS such confirmations not required.

RosCo will help to pass all preliminary stages.

We will accompany all notarizations, if necessary, apostillize documentation.
Cooperating with us customers always obtain qualified timely support
and comprehensive consultations.

ORDER SERVICE "Work permit for a highly qualified specialist (HQS)"

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