Invitations for foreigners

RosCo: Assistance in execution of an invitation for entry into Russia for a foreign employee.

Modern business processes and integration of certain countries in the world community are so well developed that communication with foreign partners and engagement of citizens of other countries in work is becoming a common occurrence. It requires special attention to formation of the documents required for admission of foreigners into Russia. A lot of company managers face such problem. RosCo qualified employees will help to settle all organizational issues with minimum time expenditure and without any fuss.


To have an invitation to Russia issued for a foreigner in Moscow the company shall
be accredited with the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

The procedure requires collection of a package of documents and provision thereof to the
authorized bodies. This is a one-time procedure after passing which companies obtain the right to make
an unlimited number of applications for an employment/ business visa for foreign employees.

For execution of an invitation the package of documents shall be prepared and transferred
to the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service of Russia by which the company has been accredited.

The process is rather troublesome and takes a lot of time. It is often problematic for the company management
to tear itself away from the main activity and go into bureaucratic details of how to have the invitation to
Russia executed correctly and it often has little time for preparation. In such situation it is reasonable to
ask RosCo specialists for help.

We know all subtle details of the process, have an enormous practical experience
and can execute an invitation to Russia without difficulty the cost of which invitation
will not be a burden for the company's budget.

During the time when our specialists perform their work you will be able to realize
main projects, earn much more than you will spend on our service.


to call us
or write to us

to pay for RosCo

to transfer
necessary information to us

to sign prepared
documents and seal them

to wait for 20 calendar days and
not to worry of anything

to obtain finished documents
at RosCo office


Any organizational moments related to documentation are often associated with a long bureaucratic
process and significant time expenditure. An invitation may be executed through RosCo at low price
quickly and without delay.

  • RosCo employees know what documents are required
    for the first application

  • we will need 16 days for everything

  • we will ask for a package of documents only once

Saving money, time and efforts, guarantee of an excellent result and high-class
service - all this RosCo will ensure for each customer.

The price of services of an invitation execution for foreigners depends on a number
of factors and is calculated at application.

In case of execution on its own the company will not save significant money but will
waste valuable time. Invitations to Russia require serious documentary substantiation,
wrong execution of which may become an obstacle for visa approval for a valuable
employee and his/her future visits to the country.


Several main types of invitations are available: short-term (valid for 90 days)
and for a long time. Depending on it different substantiations are provided and
the authorities may request different additional information at their discretion.

RosCo employees will help to prepare everything quickly and in advance.

The invitation for foreigners normally requires provision by them of a certain
package of documents:

  • questionnaire and a copy of the first page of the identity card (as a rule, a
    national or international passport is meant);

  • all information on the person, international passport, its validity term;

  • data on the company and position which the invited person holds;

  • information on the company which needs in invitations for foreigners;

  • information on the requested type of the visa permit, period of stay in the
    country, cities in which the foreign resident will stay, department/ consulate
    to which he/she applies abroad.

The activity of execution of urgent invitations is rather labor-intensive and specific work.
It is rather difficult to do it, it requires efforts, time and resources. It is a correct decision
to put the trouble on the shoulders of professional experts.

RosCo employees know all peculiarities of successful obtaining admissions,
are always ready to consult the customer and solve its problems.

We approach to each customer individually which makes it possible to take into
account its needs and wishes.

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