Counterparts verification

In order to avoid bad debts emergence, hold yourself harmless from cooperation with dishonest partners, the company should carefully check potential counterparts. This is even more important when executing contracts for big sums of money or for a long term. During legal inspection it is assessed whether the counterpart is trustworthy, whether it had gross violations of law or breaches of agreement.

These measures are a reality of modern business, and it is would be unreasonable to neglect them. Besides, they make it possible to ensure "due carefulness" and obtain a possibility for argumentation in tax authorities. Conducting such procedures by the company's own employees may not ensure the required efficiency and take the precious time. That is why it is would be better to address professional companies - the cost of services for counterpart checking is compensated by timeliness, comprehensiveness and accurateness of all data.


Our company will help to find out all circumstances
and obtain actual information about the perspectives of cooperation.

None of our specializations is counterparts trustworthiness checking
in Moscow, and we know exactly how to get all range of data about them.

In order to relieve our customers from risks of late payments, short deliveries of goods, or
non-recognition of costs for tax benefits we conduct comprehensive analysis of all areas
and eliminate the threat of cooperation with a shadow company.

The price for potential counterpart check
usually consists of the following services:

Corporate establishment documentation,
addresses and location of the checked
subjects verification in the list of mass addresses
Judicial history analysis, indebtness
existence analysis, acknowledged
by judicial procedure
Real existence of the
checked subject verification
at the provided address
Bankruptcy check, verification of business
reputation unfairness related to contacts
Submitting extracts
from the Unified State Register of Legal
Entities (Unified State Register of Private
Senior executives data examining
and so on

The cost of services related to counterparts verification may additionally include comprehensive legal assessment of the
subject, its affiliation with other entities (both entities and persons), studying the results of
state inspections and other measures.
The received data are current and reliable. They are provided to
the customer in any convenient for him form.

The counterpart check by the employees of our company will help to bring to light information about executed government contracts,
verify Internet-publications and the site, and will help the customer to become confident in reliability of its relationship with the partners.

ORDER SERVICE "Counterparts verification"
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