Registration of construction company

Organizations engaged in construction are different from other business entities. At all stages of the life cycle, companies are forced to pay much attention to safety issues both during erection and maintaining of structures. These processes are controlled by government bodies. Registration of a construction company includes stages typical for all organizations, but with a few specific ones:

  • obtaining of insurance that allows you to conduct business;
  • presence in the staff of at least 2 employees, whose data are registered
    in the National Register of Specialists (NRS);
  • joining the Self-Regulating Companies - after the registration procedure,
    this must be done in order to obtain admission to most types of activities.

Other incorporating stages are standard. The most often registered type is LLC. Although the compulsory licensing procedure was abolished, the overall model was not simplified as the mechanism for joining the SRC is complex. To pass through all the stages, it is advisable to resort to the assistance of specialists for whom the registration of construction companies is a regular activity.


RosCo has been successfully working at the market of registration services for a long time, and there are no
"blind spots" and unclear points in the procedures for our experts. For each construction company, we provide
a full range of services - from consultations in selecting of type and tax models to obtaining SRC's permissions.

RosCo's specialists will help:

  • To prepare a package of primary constituent documents necessary
    upon applying to state bodies for registration.

  • To pay all fees, control contributions to the authorized capital
    (depending on the chosen type of the organization).

  • Submit the documents to the authorities on behalf of the Customer
    (under a power of attorney for the company's executives).

  • To receive from the Federal Tax Service all the necessary documents.

  • To notify funds, banking institutions and so on.

Incorporation of a workable company is not the final stage, if it comes to construction industry.
It is necessary to register as a participant of SRC. Our experts will:

  • Study the features of the Customer's activities.

  • Prepare a list of preferred structures - construction companies are
    free to choose their own SRC.

  • Negotiate, prepare a package of documentation (certificates
    on admission to work, advanced training of the management, insurance certificates).

  • Help the company make a compensation contribution.

  • Upon joining, they will issue the permits.

The cost of RosCo's services for registering companies is low and fully repaid
by efficiency and a competent approach to the work of our specialists.

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