Company reorganization


During operation, the company may need to reorganize in various forms. To successfully complete it,
you need to issue a lot of documents and pass through time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. Despite
the scale of the changes that the company reorganization causes, the cost of time spent on such work
can be significant. To minimize the losses you should contact RosCo.

Our company provides assistance for all types of changes like reorganization of the company in Moscow, merger and splitting-up,
as well as services for registration of the liquidation process, etc. Our specialists will consult the customer on all legal issues
and assume the routine.


To pass reorganization and liquidation of the company painlessly, it is necessary to find out the aspects related to these changes
in advance. There are the following types of reorganization:

  • Splitting-off (as a rule, LLC) is a procedure followed by the transfer of rights from one organizational unit to another.
    At the same time, the creation of new structures does not require the elimination of old ones. RosCo helps to pass through
    all the stages that are necessary for such company reorganization, the cost of our services is compensated by their full scale
    performance. They include assistance in submitting notifications to tax and non-budgetary authorities, creditors and execution
    of necessary documentation, including the preparation of a transfer certificate by accountants with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Splitting-up is a liquidation of existing business units with the creation on their basis of several new ones. Our company provides
    assistance in filing of all notifications within the statutory deadlines (to tax and other authorities - 3 days, to creditors - 2 months)
    and will help to complete the splitting-up, issuing transfer balances and deliver and acceptance certificates. We also provide consultations
    on the transfer of rights and obligations, if during splitting-up the management company was reorganized.
  • Consolidation is the end of existence of one company that transfers all its assets and responsibilities to another without creating a new
    business unit.
  • Merger is when two or more companies cease to exist and incorporate a new legal entity.
  • Transformation is the change of LFI (legal form of incorporation) of the business unit with the incorporation of a new one and the termination
    of the existing one.
  • Voluntary liquidation. In this case the rights and obligations are not transferred to anyone. Our specialists prepare all necessary documents
    and notifications on the beginning of such a procedure, appointment of liquidators, will help to pay off debts, report to audit organizations
    and prepare interim and liquidation balances.

The reorganization and merger of companies, the price of independent execution of which is not much lower, requires attention and skill.
In order to properly execute them, meeting the deadlines, it is better to ask for professional help from RosCo: closure of the company,
liquidation and reorganization of companies, legal support of the process in the Russian Federation are one of the priority areas of our activities.

We remind you that the costs in case of mistakes during execution of complex procedures are much higher than the payment
for our services.

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