Foreign representations auditing

In the context of economy globalisation and in a bid to enter international markets companies expand their activities outside the boundaries of the country.

Like the principal company, foreign representations need professional auditing. Its purpose is an analysis of the current state of the structural unit (whole or broken down in separate areas of work activities, such as accounting, taxes, managerial tasks, due diligence, identifying violations, preparing recommendations for their elimination and prevention in the future.


In addition to internal audits conducted by the parent company, there are external audits. It is advisable to place
an order for auditing branches and representations of foreign companies, carrying out their activities in any areas,
in "RosCo". The company offers a package of services on a turnkey basis or for separate business directions.

Our experts will check the fairness of accounting, correctness of records keeping, legality of conducted business
activities, evaluate viability of foreign company representation.

These actions may be required during preparation for regulatory authorities checks or in the process of current
business activities with the purpose of improvement of its effectiveness, early identification of errors and their
prevention in the future.

Branches and representations audit includes:

  • legal analysis of processes to determine whether
    they comply to the legislation;

  • checking calculations of employees payments and their
    compliance with the norms of the labor legislation;

  • working with accounting documentation in terms of its
    correct preparation;

  • tax deductions applicability confirmation, accuracy
    of tax status determination and rates application.

During the audit of foreign representations it is possible to assess their viability,
exclude dual taxation (in case there are acting agreements between the countries) and so on.

"RosCo" experts perform all actions with minimal engagement of company employees.
Foreign representation personnel can focus on specialized tasks solution and, what is
most important, get valuable recommendations concerning effective development
of further activities.


Audit is conducted by specialists who have many years of experience, faultless knowledge
of the Russian and foreign legislation, including International Financial Reporting Standards.

"RosCo" is included in the list of "100 best enterprises and organizations of Russia",
it is a member of many professional organizations and is present on the market since 2004.

We guarantee:

  • high effectiveness of auditing branches and representations in cases when it is
    necessary to prepare urgently for upcoming checks;

  • high level of service;

  • competitive prices for the services;

  • basic and comprehensive auditing branches and representations taking into
    account specific characteristics of their activities;

  • full compliance with the legislation;

  • commitment to enhancement of activity efficiency;

  • accompanying and professional support in key activities directions of the
    company and its branches, whether bookkeeping, reports preparation,
    tax base optimization or jurisprudence.

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