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Accounting services

RosCo's a team of experienced and demanding towards themselves specialists. For more than 10 years we perform accounting services in Moscow, dozens of companies from Russia and other countries have become our clients for this period.

Many managers advise us colleagues and partners, which is the best proof of the trust in our company. We perform a large variety of services, including accounting maintenance of enterprises, organizations and entities. It's a highly demanding sector where the price of mistake is extremely high.

Advantages of cooperation with professionals

Each company, regardless from its size and field of activities must keep accounting. It reflects all operations, be it the accrual and payment of salaries, acceptance of fixed and current assets, settlements with counterparties and creditors or other current transactions. That makes sense that there is a specialist in the staff of any firm who provides accounting services. However, this does not exclude the need to attract outside assistance. It may be needed in unusual situations that are not familiar to the employee; at the time of his/her leave; when conducting an audit and so on. By providing accounting services to organizations, specialized companies insure the customer company against variety of risks.

Incorrect (even if unintentional) accounting is fraught with liability before the state, legal proceedings, penalties, up to the termination of activities.

That is why it is very important to check and 'cover' an employed accountant or completely abandon them.

Specialized companies are advantageous for business for a number of reasons:

Economy of time

In case of emergencies or in a routine mode, there is no need to spend time for submitting a vacancy announcement , studying resume, conducting an interview. Instead of engaging in non-core activities, entrepreneurs can focus on solving tasks that directly affect the financial result, entrusting accounting support to companies having professionals with extensive experience.

Economy of funds

Of course, the performance of accounting services is carried out for a fee. However, if you compare it with the costs of maintaining a specialist in your staff (especially a narrow-focused one, whose services are needed only from time to time), the economy will become clear. The exterior specialist does not need to pay leave and disability leave, prepare a workplace, subscribe to periodicals, offer social package and so on. You pay only for those accounting services that you ordered.

Financial loss prediction

An experienced specialist will be able to identify mistakes and shortcomings in the financial statements and take measures to restore accounting. This will protect the company from fines and legal proceedings.

Optimization of activities

Companies providing accounting services are aware of all the aspects of legislation, and therefore, can offer ways to improve the efficiency of activities in the legal field.

Narrow-focused tasks solution

Accounting is a complicated activity with a lot of aspects and specific features. A staff specialist can not know absolutely everything. If accounting services are required on a specific issue, it is much better to trust a specialized company whose team probably has solved such tasks.

Large variety of services from «RosCo»

The cost of accounting support will depend on the package of services provided, but in any case this amount is lower than the salary of your own accountant, and the effect is predictable and very pleasant for the company. The fact is that our employees have a lot of experience and easily solve problems of any omplexity . You do not have to doubt their competence.

We will not only check and, if necessary, restore accounting, but also give recommendations on optimization of accounting processes and reporting.

As we work with clients from different fields of activity, we solve a wide range of tasks, improve knowledge and skills in various fields, and help avoid financial losses. Experts of our consulting agency will help create a solid foundation for the stable development of business, improve its efficiency and financial results.

People choose us, because we:

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    Have been operating for more than 10 years

    So, questions of any complexity can be trusted to us. We provide accountant services to companies from various business sectors, regardless of the condition in which the accounting is at the moment.

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    Professional responsibility of «RosCo» LC is insured by OJSC AlfaStrakhovanie, LLC Zetta Strakhovanie (former I.C. Zurich)

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    Provide not only accounting support but legal as well

    Any commercial activity should be carried out within the legal framework. Accounting and law are inextricably linked. Employees of RosСo are aware of all innovations and regulations, which allows not only to keep accounting, but also to provide competent legal advice.

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    We are rigorous, attentive and punctual

    All agreements will be implemented strictly and fully within the agreed time. Focusing on the specifics of each client, we study the problem in detail and find the most rational solution.

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    Work in strict accordance with the law

    Providing accounting services in the interests of clients, we do not deviate from the norms and rules prescribed in the documents regulating the activities of companies. All recommendations for optimizing costs and tax burden are given strictly within the law and help prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities.

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    Have experience of support of foreign companies

    Since international relations and globalization develops, firms attract foreign colleagues, employees, and suppliers to work more often. Accounting support of enterprises operating in the international market has its own features, which are well known to our employees.

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    We have a large staff of specialized professionals who can solve non-standard tasks

    A staff accountant, as a rule, solves a clearly defined range of tasks and, in the event of force majeure and non-standard situations, can not show full competence in all matters. Our staff is a team of experts, each of which has its own specialization, which means that by cooperating with «RosCo» it is possible to solve any issues, even the most specific and narrow-focused ones.

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    Provide accounting services in moscow and to companies in the regions in a convenient for a customer manner

    Contact our employees in any convenient way.

If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by phone or at our office in Moscow. «RosCo» an not ensure the success and prosperity of your business, but we guarantee faultless accounting. And it's very essential. Accounting is the foundation that companies need to build for profitable operations, and we make every effort to ensure that this foundation is reliable and durable.

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