Restoration of accounting

Restoration of accounting is the procedure of putting the company's accounting statements into order for the systematization of document circulation, prevention of loss of profits and penalties by the regulatory authorities.

Not all companies and entrepreneurs can display perfect accounting: continuous, complete and comprehensive. At the same time, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, it must constantly reflects the activities of enterprises, and the tax authorities are meticulous about the data they are provided by the payers. Penalties are levied for inaccuracies and distortions, and their non-payment can lead to blocking company accounts by the regulatory authorities. Incorrect accounting and tax accounting can lead to criminal liability, for example, in the presence of large debts remaining without repayment for three years. Sometimes enterprises face problems at the most inappropriate moment - when reorganizing, selling, developing a new type of activity. To prevent unpleasant consequences, you need to make sure that the company's documentation is in order, and if there are problems - to organize a competent accounting recovery.


Restoration of accounting may be necessary even for a well-organized enterprise. Inattention or lack of responsible employees (illness, maternity leave, etc.), staff turnover can lead to omissions, as well as not entering counter-parties' data from primary sources.

Accounting often distorts the negligence of suppliers who neglect timely transmission of information. Another reason for mistakes is misinterpretation of regulations and rules, the method of calculating the tax base, and amount of profit that can lead to systemic and permanent violations. In this case, it will not be possible to restore order only by the staff workers. By attracting employees of specialized outsourcing companies to responsible activities, the owner reduces risks, receives prompt and qualified assistance, and establishes the work of important internal divisions.


Consulting company RosCo provides services in all accounting areas.
Experienced employees are able to quickly identify violations and inaccuracies, adjust the amount of taxes
to be paid, bring all primary registers into compliance, and so on.

Restoration of accounting can be both complete and partial, regarding
paper documents or electronic database.

It refers to labor-intensive types of work and requires attention and competence from experts.

Our company will perform the work as quickly as possible, observing the confidentiality
and safety of the client's information.

The price depends on the current accounting condition and he tasks assigned.

Regardless of the complexity and type of activity, we will help the customer to establish
high-quality and proper work.

RosCo's specialists restores accounting
in accordance with the following order:

  • Perform an express audit and a primary assessment of the completeness
    of the documentation, an analysis of electronic databases (if any), then assess the severity of the problem, the scope of work
  • comprehensively assess the condition of accounting, detail work,
    negotiate responsibility, goals, tasks with the customer
  • aggregate, draw or restore necessary documentation: reconcile
    settlements with partners, counterparties, file bank statements, electronic databases
  • correct accounting and tax registers
  • agree the amounts on taxes, fines, arrears, draw declarations,
    corrections, which the restoration of accounting require
  • draw new, complete statement, submit updated information to the authorities
  • fines and penalties are paid according to them
  • the customer is provided with a report with fixed results on the work done


Each RosCo's client can count on individual approach with fully detailed pricing for services.

Our accountants have a
extensive work experience and
regularly attend train
courtesy and timeliness
of the work of RosCo's accountant is checked by
the internal control
In our work we use the
latest technology
of accounting software
and not only it
Quality of work of RosCo's
accountant is checked by the
internal audit service
We provide free consultations on
current activities
to our clients
We compensate penalties and fines,
if they are due to the fault of
our accountant

The cost of accounting restoration is based on the analysis of a
specific situation, after its preliminary assessment.
It depends on:

The scope of work and general "neglect" of case - it is necessary to create a new
system from scratch or fix a separate small area (cash, debtors).

The need to re-create invoices, acts, consignment bills
and other documentation from primary registers.

The number of years for which it is necessary to make adjustments.

The number of transactions and payments to be processed - this can be determined
by bank statements.

The number of statements, corrections for which shall be submitted: quarterly,
annual forms, the need to restore personnel records.

The number of instances in which the corrected documentation shall be submitted
and other factors.

Costs of customers for accounting services are compensated by the completeness of support.
RosCo's employees will undertake communication with representatives of control and inspection authorities,
pay all fines on behalf of the customer and represent it in the funds and tax bodies. Also, the company can perform
accounting services to clients after the restoration of accounting. In this case, customers are guaranteed
that all processes will be continuous, and the reflection of operations in accounting is accurate and timely.

RosCo will undertake:

  • filling of primary documents and general registers on the basis of the restored ones;
  • submission of full financial statements of the legal entity to the auditing authorities;
  • customer support during tax audit both planned and unplanned, caused by violations and interruptions in accounting and so on.

With the support of RosCo the regular accounting receives the professional support of experienced experts.
If necessary, we will assume all the work processes in the customer's firm. We also provide
accounting support during transition to a new type of activity, after a long "idle" of the company
and the lack of proper accounting. We will provide all necessary consultations and instantly
respond in case of unforeseen situations.

RosCo's specialists are ready to answer the most specific professional questions
and offer the best ways to resolve difficult situations.

ORDER SERVICE "Restoration of accounting"
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