Closure of company

The economic life of the society is accompanied not only by the "birth" of new organizations, but also by the cessation of activities of those which for whatever reason no longer meet expectations. At the same time, closing a company is a process, which must clearly corresponds to the established rules and regulations, and they tend to change constantly.

Considering the instability of the legal framework, as well as the consequences that may lead to incorrect or inaccurate adherence to the rules, it is wise to trust the work regarding closure of the company to professionals.

Contacting to a specialized company gives many advantages.

For those who order an "external" closure of the company, the price of experts' fee is compensated
by experience, the ability to "see" complex, often unobvious details, knowing not only the procedure,
but also the terms that must be respected.

That's why you should choose us - The closure of company in Moscow with RosCo will be final and
will not cause unpleasant consequences.

Entrepreneurs should remember that even failure to comply with trivials can cause
closure not to be formally recognized. This means that the company, which the owner
considers non-existent, will be obliged to pay all contributions, and in case of delays,
also to report on the accrued penalties. The company owners usually
find out about it at the most inappropriate moment.


Our employees will take care to complete all formalities on time and
finish the company's activities.

The closure of a company usually includes standardized stages, but even if we are faced with a non-trivial
situation, our experience and knowledge allow it to be successfully resolved.

We will help:

to organize both voluntary and
compulsory procedure
to draw up an interim balance sheet
to hold a meeting and execute
the entire package of documentation on its outcome
to check accounts with funds and IFNS
(Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service),
sell the property (if necessary)
to notify IFTS within three days after
documenting the resolution
of the meeting/owners
to form the final balance,
while satisfying all creditors' claims
to form the body that will execute
the closure
to divide property among the owners
and close the accounts
to submit information to specialized media
to send the documentation to the archives
and record the closure in the Federal Tax Service
ORDER SERVICE "Closure of company"
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