Business viza

International cooperation is a widespread practice for numerous Russian companies.

It makes it possible to expand business in the geographical aspect, conquer new markets, acquire experience of colleagues from different countries. The latter is especially important as it gives competitive advantages, helps to keep abreast with the progress, improve quality of goods/ services.

Russian companies often invite business partners from abroad.
The purpose of the visit may be different:

  • organization of a training, seminar, presentation;
  • assessment of new projects;
  • advanced training of employees;
  • contract signing;
  • business negotiations, etc.

Such citizens are not aimed at employment in Russia and obtaining income here, that is why in each case
a special permit for entry in the RF - a business visa in Russia for foreign citizens - is required.

The process of obtaining it is rather labor-intensive. It is a routine work requiring the knowledge of
the procedure, work with documents. Not in every instance a person having such experience is present the
company staff and consequently it is not reasonable to spend personal time on studying all peculiarities.
Why? Studying the information how to have a Russian business visa executed the employee is distracted from
the principal activities. Moreover, bureaucratic moments are not always clear and the risk of mistake can
not be excluded.

If it is important for the company that the visit of the foreign partner is duly registered and his/her impression
of the colleagues, business in Russia and country in general is positive, it is worth applying for professional
assistance. RosCo will help you in it.

Our experts will help to obtain a Russian business visa as soon as possible
without engaging representatives of the company in the routine process.


For a non-resident to visit the country the ground is required - it is an invitation
for a Russian business visa to be prepared by the partner company.

It may be executed:

  • on the form of the Migration service - the migration service employees check documents
    of the visa applicant, availability/ non-availability of convictions, debts, unpaid fines;
  • on the form of the company authorized to issue invitations (per se application
    of the accredited company) - it is possible for representatives of the countries which have
    concluded agreements on simplification of the entry permit execution with the RF;
  • as telex - a code number to be sent to the RF representative office located abroad.

With the participation of RosCo experts 16
calendar days will be required to obtain an invitation.


to call us
or write to us

to pay for RosCo

to transfer necessary
documents and information to us

to sign prepared
documents and seal them

to wait for 16 calendar days and
not to worry of anything

to obtain finished documents
at RosCo office


Execution of a business visa is accompanied with collection of a package of documents.
The work is also performed by RosCo employees within the rendered service.

We will prepare:

  • an application for an invitation execution (indicating the period of time
    and purpose of stay in the country, number of document counterparts);

  • a letter of guarantee on behalf of the receiving company;

  • a notarized translation of the passport;

  • a letter substantiating the visit.


A non-resident may obtain a visa of a certain category based on the tasks to be solved and required
period of stay in the RF. Visas may be:

  • multi-entry;
  • single-entry;
  • double-entry.

The Russian multi-entry business visa for foreign citizens allows to enter and leave
the country for an unlimited number of times during the validity term of the permit. Only one limitation is available:
the non-resident may stay in the country only for 90 days from 180 days assigned for the travel.

The single-entry visa entitles the non-resident to enter the RF during its validity term.
If a non-resident leaves the country before expiration of the validity term of the single-entry visa, it is
terminated automatically and does not allow the non-resident to cross the border again.

The double-entry visa allows the non-resident to visit Russia twice during the validity term of the document.

Visas are also classified according to their validity term. The permits are issued for one, three, six, twelve
whole months. A Russian business visa for one year is suitable for a person visiting the country regularly for
search of business contacts, holding trainings and for other business purposes. If a visit is one-time and short,
the short-term permit is enough.

RosCo employees will accompany the business visa obtaining process regardless of the visa validity term.

We act in a lawful matter and on behalf of partners which can entrust us
both with invitation of non-residents and current business activity.

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