Drawing up of contracts

Drawing up of a contract requires a serious approach, since it is the most important regulator of relations between business entities.

In this situation standard financial or legal knowledge of a staff member may be insufficient, so the help of a highly qualified lawyer is relevant at all stages of business operations.

The necessity to enter into transactions catches the businessman already at the stage of company registration.
Responsibility of the founders, leasing, labour relations, purchase of basic assets - all these facts of economic
life require entering into contracts.

However it can be difficult to understand all the refinements of business operations in the beginning.
We are glad to help all the beginners to solve any problems of legal nature.

Large business also requires help of the experts - price of a transaction concluded in violation of effective
legislation or standard legal procedure will be hugely more high than the remuneration for the work
of our specialist.

Among the negative consequences, resulting from incorrect drawing up of contracts,
we can single out the following ones:

  • unforeseen tax consequences - arise when
    the preliminary calculation of risks has not been carried out;

  • annulment of the transaction - inexpert drawing up of contracts leads
    to the obligation to make compensations for everything received in volume and money terms.

  • impossibility to obtain from the contractor fulfilment of his obligations under the signed
    document - in case of inaccurate wording or incomplete disclosure of the obligations of the parties.


The cost of drawing up of a contract depends on clearly identified factors that we discuss
with our customers before the start of cooperation. "RosCo" is interested in transparency of its
activities and our specialists always frankly describe all the stages of work:

selection of a type of contract, which o the fullest degree meets the requirements of the
existing circumstances of a transaction and the effective legislation;

discussion of possible financial and legal risks after signing of the documents with
the contractor;

careful study of all contract terms in order to avoid possible negative consequences;

preparation of accompanying documents (schemes, annexes, powers of attorney and others);

consideration of specific issues on atypical transactions in any industry, customer consultation.

Forming of a service of drawing up of contracts is made under the influence of individual features of the customer's
business. "RosCo" can offer formulization of any documents of the following types:

  • one-time - this one shall be made for a particular situation;

  • typical - it is the easiest one to create, we can consider possibility
    of making of a package of contracts templates;

  • mixed - a mix of contracts for different types of services.

The price for every type shall be discussed with the customer on an individual basis.

You can try the availability of the service on your own experience, by means of requesting
of professional help from "RosCo".

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