Registration business in Russia

Conducting business within the Russian Federation is one of the most successful ways of investing for a foreign company.

The country can become a powerful resource base and a large market for finished products, a center for building up labor potential and profits for companies seeking to expand their activities beyond national boundaries. Along with this, such business activity has many aspects and difficult practical situations: like taxation and registration of a foreign company - in Moscow and other major cities companies faces with a lot of intricate bureaucratic and legal formalities. Despite the fact that the registration of a foreign legal entity is quite fully described in the legislation, the procedure has a lot of incomprehensible situations, specialized terms. In addition there are always any updates. It is not always easy for a non-resident to study all this, and it is irrational, because in addition to knowledge, time is needed.

Spending it on studying all aspects of how registration of a foreign legal entity is carrying out, you can seriously break away from core activities, which will negatively affect the financial result. And the succes is not guaranteed.

To competently and correctly arrange own activities, to work legally and lawfully, the company has to engage in a long and exhausting routine. To save own employees from this is easily - RosCo's specialists will offer a special outsourcing service, this is the registration of a foreign company, the price of which is fully compensated by efficiency and convenience.


Our qualified employees will help not only to open a business with pure or mixed capital,
but also to execute documentation for tax agencies.

Registration of a foreign company in Moscow by our specialists includes:

timely submission of
all documents

opening of bank accounts

and also a wide range of
consulting services

We will help you to understand the intricacies of interaction with state bodies,
the stages of passing through all procedures and choosing the appropriate type of activity.

Registration of a non-resident company in Russia is the most common practice. It includes the execution of
documents in various ways, depending on the features of the organizational forms of such companies. If a foreign
company wishes to conduct business within the Russian Federation for more than 30 calendar days per year,
it must be registered with an authorized tax body at the place of operation.

In Russia, there are three main options for the existence of foreign enterprises that carry out business activities:

  • an affiliated company (LLC, JSC);
  • a representative office;
  • a branch

Registration of a company by a foreign citizen or legal entity is often carried out in the form
of LLC, in this case it receives the minimum of encumbrances and difficulties. In order to pass
this procedure, you will need documentation from the founder-foreigner (certificate on incorporation
of thecompany, personal data of the individual, tax and bank statements, etc.), as well as local
information: the name, type of intended activities, company's addresses in Russian, management
structure and so on.

An important feature of this form is that foreign companies receive priority right to buy shares in the
event that one of the co-founders decides to sell it. A foreign company in the form of LLC can be
incorporated by either one participant or several participants, up to 50. If the number of co-founders
exceeds 50, it is necessary to reorganize the company in JSC.

Affiliated foreign companies are sometimes registered as JSC, but the procedure is quite complex,
which explains the minimal prevalence of such form. The participants of JSC have a non-priority right
to purchase shares of co-shareholders. The shares of such companies are subject to state registration
in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding to securities.

A representative office, as well as a branch, is not considered as a legal entity, but if such registration
of a foreign company is required, the price of time and energy losses is commensurate with opening of
a new company. RosCo will release you from these.

Representative offices express the interests of foreign companies in Russia and can not conduct
commercial activities. They are usually created for protection of interests, business development,
establishing of business contacts. A representative office must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry, tax and statistical bodies, non-budgetary funds. In addition, you will need a bank account.
All these procedures can be easily passed with the assistance of RosCo.

Branches are divisions of foreign companies, although they are not considered as independent legal
entities, but they can conduct separate commercial activities. For registration it is necessary to pass
accreditation in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tax authorities and non-budgetary funds.

The legislation of the Russian Federation allows a non-resident registering a company to present personally
when submitting documents to authorized bodies or appoint Attorneys-in-Fact.

RosCo's experts will take over this procedure, saving the client from the need to come
to Russia at the stage of submitting documents.

Therefore, trusting the routine to our employees, you will not only get rid of the need to
deal with complex procedures, but also gain confidence in the accuracy, timeliness and
fidelity in passing of all stages.

All foreign companies operating on the territory of the Russian Federation
should refer to the provisions of the Labor Code.

If necessary, we will not only conduct the registration procedure, but also familiarize you with the main
regulatory acts, provide with consultations on issues related to the operation of foreign companies within
the legal framework of Russia.

How to enter into the SME Register?
How to enter into the SME Register?
Entering into the SME Register and exclusion of information about a Russian organization with a share of foreign companies in the authorized capital exceeding 49% are performed on a yearly basis from July 1 to July 5 (inclusive). Who shall provide the data on such companies to tax authorities for subsequent entering into the SME Register? The sources of such information for maintaining a unified register of SMEs are audit companies. For this purpose, the Russian audit companies shall give a conclusion confirming compliance of the foreign member of the Russian company with the criteria for obtaining SME status. Thus, if a Russian company having a foreign member is interested in getting into the SME Register, first of all it should initiate an audit of compliance with the requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises. The procedure for interaction between the Russian audit company and the customer company is explained by the Ministry of Finance. At the initiative of the LLC, a Russian audit company renders a service that involves confirmation of compliance of LLC members being foreign companies with the above criteria for SMEs; Confirmation shall be arranged on an annual basis. For this purpose, the audit company compares the data on the amount of income for the year and the average staff number of a foreign company with the criteria specified in the law. For making such comparison, the LLC shall submit to the auditor the statements of a foreign company for the corresponding year filed to the tax authority of the country where this company is established. According to the results of the audit, the audit company independently submits information to the tax service about the Russian company having a foreign member for entering into the SME Register. The data are summarized in the form of a file signed by an enhanced qualified digital signature of the audit company through the official website of the Federal Tax Service. The information may also be entered manually on the website of the Federal Tax Service after authorization of the information provider. Будь в курсе последних новостей, смотри и читай нас там, где тебе удобно: Канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RosCoConsultingaudit/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/roscoaudit/ ЯндексДзен - https://zen.yandex.ru/roscoaudit Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rosco_consulting/ https://rosco.su/
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General information about the SME Register
May a company, which the foreign companies are members to, be entered into the SME Register (the register of small and medium-sized enterprises) and on what conditions? Today we’ll discuss that in this video. First of all, it should be noted that the SME Register is organized by tax authorities, and a list of companies entered into the register may be found on the official website of the Federal Tax Service: https://ofd.nalog.ru. Small and medium-sized enterprises include companies and individual entrepreneurs that meet certain restrictions on the structure of the authorized capital and also if: - the average staff number is not more than 100 persons and income is not more than 800 million rubles (for small enterprises); - the average staff number is no more than 250 persons and income is no more than 2 billion rubles (for medium-sized enterprises). On December 1, 2018, the amendments made to Law No 209-FZ were entered into force. The point is that Russian companies with a share of foreign capital exceeding 49% may also obtain SME status if the company’s foreign members: - gained an income from their business activities not exceeding 2 billion rubles during the previous calendar year; - had the average staff number not exceeding 250 persons during the previous calendar year; - a state of permanent residence of foreign member of the Russian company shall not be the Offshore areas*(a list of offshore areas is established by the Ministry of Finance). If the share of foreign members in the Russian company does not exceed 49%, then such a requirement is not imposed for the purpose of designating as SME. What is a purpose of the register? A company may rely on a number of privileges if it is entered into the SME Register. Among them are: - Ensuring the implementation of “supervisory holidays” for SME; - Special tax regimes - Simplified tax and accounting rules - Simplified forms of accounting and statistical reporting, tax returns for individual taxes and fees; - Simplified procedure for conducting cash transactions; SMEs may not set a cash limit. - Privileged payment procedure for state and municipal property privatized by small and medium enterprises. During the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of entering the company into the SME Registry increased For example, in order to receive a subsidy for the salary with the Statutory Minimum Wage Index equal to 1, a company (among other requirements) must be entered into the SME Register. The so-called “credit holidays” apply to companies that are performing their activities in sectors most affected by coronavirus and are also entered into the SME Register. RosCo – entrust your business to professionals! YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RosCoConsul... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/roscoaudit/ ЯндексДзен - https://zen.yandex.ru/id/5b84df3fa459... Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rosco_consu... https://rosco.su/
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