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Activities in the field of biotechnologies involve the close interaction of specialists from different countries. RosCo helps to interact without problems. Our experts solve issues related to Federal Migration Service and migration laws competently and promptly: from executing invitations for entry to obtaining permits to work in Russia.
Within the framework of the case А40-216592/17-18-342B related to bankruptcy, RosCo specialists helped the client to save about 37 million rubles.
The airline, a client of RosCo, was exempted from paying an administrative fine in the amount from 400 to 800 thousand rubles. Our lawyers have successfully appealed against the judgment in case No. 12-690/2019 passed by the Oktyabrsky District Court of Yekaterinburg.
The management of MTL applied to RosCo for services in the field of migration law. We were chosen for our vast experience and high competence: we have been working in this field since 2004, and our experts know all peculiarities of migration law and are able to promptly interact with the public agencies. 
For Yoola, RosCo solves the problems related to compliance with migration laws. Our experts execute invitations, visas, work permits, registrations, and other documents quickly and competently.
Cetinkaya Pano, a major Turkish manufacturer of complete devices for power grids, has applied to RosCo for legal services. We were chosen as legal experts. 
Isvea applied for legal services of RosCo. We have proved to be an experienced and competent partner. The Italians plan to expand cooperation: to conclude a contract for the provision of accounting services.
Samsung Group of Companies is expanding its presence in the Russian market. The branch is opened with the participation of the RosCo lawyers. The choice of our company as a partner for incorporation and accreditation confirms our high competence in the field of law. 
The RosCo lawyers help the Alucon Group of Companies (Turkey) to solve legal issues. The large designer, developer and construction solution developer implements projects in Russia. RosCo was chosen as a competent legal player in the Russian Federation with experience in all areas of activity, including the field of construction. 
RosCo has a reputation of a competent reliable partner in each area of ​​activity, including the field of law. The large companies from various countries apply for our legal services. Recently, Sistem Reklamcılık A., a leading subdivision of Sistem Group of Companies (Turkey), has become one of our clients.
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