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The management of Lensmaster has applied to RosCo for services in the field of migration law. The network of optical stores is a part of the international corporation GrandVision Group, which regularly engages foreign specialists for work in the stores and transfer of experience to Russian colleagues. The engagement of foreign employees causes difficulties both in the execution of quotas/documents, and in interaction with the bureaucratic apparatus. 
The global leaders in the production of automotive components and parts are moving to the Russian market. The Swedish company Haldex, a developer and manufacturer of braking systems for heavy trucks, buses and trailers, is not an exception. For successful functioning of the Russian representative office, the Swedes applied to RosCo and concluded an agreement for accounting services. 
The Skytrack IT company applied to RosCo for audit services. The Russian developer of extensive software solutions has chosen the partner of its level. The RosCo specialists are experienced accountants and auditors who apply the latest information technologies in their work.
RosCo and the USHAŞ medical organization (Turkey) have signed an agreement for legal and accounting services. The Turkish partners have chosen RosCo for high professionalism in its field. The company works since 2004. The lawyers, accountants and auditors have a wide experience, including in conducting affairs of foreign companies.
The Russian representative office of Reichle & De-Massari AG and RsCo has concluded a long-term contract for accounting services. The management of the Swiss company has opted for expert services - RosCo auditors and accountants are highly qualified and experienced, help to conduct business profitably and legally and in full compliance with the complex and contradictory Russian laws. This is particularly true for the foreign clients.
The auditors of RosCo have conducted stocktaking in Swap-Europe. The large online platform offers a huge range of spare parts for home and garden equipment, and provides maintenance and repair. The constant flow of goods and equipment – from manufacturers for sale, from buyers for service – creates difficulties in accounting and document flow. For stocktaking, a contractor with a wide experience was required, so the Swap management applied to RosCo.
One of the largest Russian TV content producers, Studio 2B, applied to RosCo for support in the field of ​​migration law. Media companies operate globally, attracting specialists from various countries. The RosCo experts help to solve any migration issues, from working out contracts for the attracted staff to obtaining the permits for work in Russia.
The large Russian manufacturer and seller of cabinet furniture Kenner uses the legal services of RosCo. For an enterprise with dozens of partners, suppliers, contractors and thousands of customers, the disputes in the course of its activity are inevitable. The RosCo experts represent the company in arbitration courts and resolve current legal issues.
The large construction company Ahunbay Construction applied to RosCo for legal support on an ongoing basis. The conclusion of a contract for accounting in the nearest future is planned. The choice of RosCo and the extension of cooperation is due to the high professionalism, experience and responsibility of our experts - lawyers, accountants and auditors.
In December 2019, the company «RosCo - Consulting and Audit» has successfully passed external quality control of audit activities and compliance with professional ethics. According to the results of the inspection, the self-regulatory organization «Russian Union of Auditors» has issued a positive opinion №414/19 of 20.12.2019. 
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