Work permit for the citizens of far-abroad countries (with a visa)

The task of registration of a foreign specialist seems to be too difficult? Entrust it to professionals!

If you read this text, this means that your company is grew to the level, when the need emerged to attract foreign specialists into the staff of employees. Congratulations! Certainly, it is a sign of the company’s success. However, now you will face such a difficult and slow procedure, as official registration of a foreign employee. Having studied all stages of the registration procedure, some companies refuse from attraction of foreign employees. And vainly, they simply should refer to RosCo specialists.

The procedure of receipt of a work permit for the citizens of far-abroad countries (with a visa) is regulated by p. 1 of art. 13 of the Federal Law dated 25.07.02 No 115-FZ «On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation» (as amended of 12.07.11) is divided into 3 stages:

1st stage presupposes submission of the request and established set of documents to the Employment Center. It is required for provision of the state of the city of Moscow «Assistance to individuals in search of the suitable job, and to employers – in selection of the required employees». Thereafter a vacant position is opened for a certain foreign specialist. The vacant position is extended monthly until receipt of the permit for attraction and use of the foreign work force.

2nd stage is devoted to issue of the permit for attraction and use of the foreign work force. It begins at least one month after the first stage and presupposes referred and submission of the established set of documents to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

At this stage presence of a foreign employee is required for testing for the knowledge of the Russian language, medical examination and registration of the voluntary health insurance policy.

3rd stage, заключительный, включает в себя подачу документов и получение пластиковой карты иностранным сотрудником в УФМС России по г. Москва.

In total, all 3 stages of receipt of the permit take up to three months.

We make the process of registration of a foreign employee as simple and unnoticeable for your company as possible. Just one visit to us and you can forget that your company passes a rather difficult procedure, up to its completion. You will not hear any requests from us to bring missing documents, to order extracts, etc. During the first and the last visit to us you bring the pre-specified set of documents, sign the contract, pay our services, state duties and that’s all… and you can forget about all other procedures with employment of the citizens of far-abroad countries.

Remember! For the time that we will save for you, you will earn much more money than it will be required for payment of our services.


Cost of a complex of services on receipt of a work permit for the citizens of far-abroad countries:

35,000 rubles

* The state duty to all instances is paid by the client separately.

Why is it better to entrust this task to RosCo:

  • We will save a lot of your time and nerve on receipt of all required permits.
  • We will order 2 free of charge extracts from the state authorities for you.
  • If your company is on our accounting servicing, the organization will be registered in the Federal Migration Service free of charge.
  • If required, we will provide a personal consultant to you for 3 stages of receipt of the permit.
  • If required, the power of attorney is issued for our specialist, who will attend all instances.
  • We have extensive experience of work with foreign companies, conducting business in Russia. For 2004 thousands of work permits for the citizens of far-abroad countries are obtained with the help of our company.

ORDER SERVICE "Work permit for the citizens of far-abroad countries (with visa)"

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