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DyDo Drinco is one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of soft drinks. RosCo specialists have conducted the procedure of changing the general director of an LLC for the subsidiary of DyDo DRINCO RUS as part of the legal business support.

ДайДо логотип компании.png

As part of the service rendered, we have carried out the following: the examination of the constituent documents of the Company, the preparation of documents necessary for introducing changes to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, and obtaining an entry sheet of introducing the relevant changes to the register of companies.

The drinks by DyDo (DyDo Drinco) are imported to Russia from Japan and Turkey and are sold in Moscow with the help of modern vending machines and retail sales channel.

There are over 280 000 DyDo vending machines in Japan, and the sales amount to more than 4,5 million drinks a day. In this segment, DyDo DRINCO ranks third in terms of market share. About 90% of all sales of the company are carried out through DyDo branded vending machines.

DyDo DRINCO RUS places vending machines in business centers, trade centers, main transport centers (transfer hub), underground passages, etc. Currently, the priority region for DyDo DRINCO RUS is Moscow.

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