To register his/her stay for a foreign citizen means to secure himself/herself when staying in the RF.

If a professional employee comes from abroad, foreign partners and colleagues visit the domestic receiving party, a lot of troublesome matters occur which it has to solve in full scope. To become accredited with the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service of the RF, to have invitations and visas executed - and there is more to come. For a foreign employee to work in full scope, the registration and permit for work in Moscow like in any other city of the country are necessary and exactly the receiving organization shall deal with it according to the law.


In order to spare you a lot of unpleasant and exhausting trouble entrust RosCo
professionals with them.

We have a work permit issued and temporary registration performed - the price is completely
compensated by saving a lot of time and efforts of the customer.

In accordance with Federal Law No. 109 dated 18.07.06 regulating matters of migration
registration of foreign citizens the registration shall be organized within 7 days after
the state border has been crossed.

The obligation of the receiving party is also notification of the respective FMS bodies that the
employee has arrived. The passport translation shall be notarized and attached to the documents
together with a copy of the migration card.

Moreover, if a foreign employee arrives under official invitations, copies of constituent documents
of the employing company and documents evidencing the right of the foreign citizen to use
the premises (for example, lease documents) are required. After all troublesome procedures are passed
the detachable part of the Notice bearing a special mark evidencing that the employee is registered
with the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service shall be transferred to the invited employee.

In order not to burden you with a tiresome bureaucratic routine for which registration
in Moscow for foreign citizens is notable, entrust RosCo with it. We will also help
to have the registration extended and work permit issued - the cost of our services is acceptable
and comfort of cooperation is undoubtful.

We need only two days to pass all stages and procedures without making the receiving
party or the employee to go to state authorities on their own. You only need to send
the required copies of documents by e-mail without coming to our office.


to call us
or write to us

to pay for RosCo

to transfer
necessary information to us

to sign prepared
documents and seal them

to wait for 3 business days
and not to worry of anything

to obtain finished documents
at RosCo office


The non-compliance with the Law threatens the employee and employer with unpleasant sanctions.
The authorities may simply expel a foreign citizen having no temporary registration from the country
and prohibit future entries. The same applies to non-observance of the validity term - as rule, it is
limited to 90 days in case of simplified rules or to the validity term of visas. Subject to availability
of permits for study or workplace the term is extended to one year.

Registration at the place of stay is an integral part of legitimization of stay in the RF.
It provides for actions of the receiving party - the foreign employee does not need to deal
with it himself/ herself, the employer is responsible for compliance with the Law and proper registration.

PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION: the temporary registration has changed its name since recently.
Now it is called migration registration but the essence of the procedure has changed very little.

The employer or inviting party shall apply to the territorial
body of the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service where the registration shall be carried out.

In order to have the registration at the place of stay completed successfully the following shall be provided:

  • identifying personal data and migration documents - passport,
    card bearing a border control mark;

  • authorization documents for residence - the foreign citizen
    has to be registered at a certain address;

  • arrival notice.

No duty payment is required - registration of foreign citizens is free of charge.


Temporary registration of foreign citizens in Moscow is especially difficult
for in-moving non-residents of the country.
Due to traditional attractiveness of the city
and region, possibilities opened up by them, the influx of workforce is always large. The living space
is limited - a foreign citizen may face significant difficulties.

Formally the procedure is almost the same but it takes much more effort and time.
Registration of foreign citizens in Moscow is associated with long queues,
their employers have to prepare supporting documents and look for addresses
instead of doing daily routine.

RosCo will help to spare you troubles. Our competent experts have an extensive
practical experience and know peculiarities of the legislation. Registration of foreign
citizens in the capital is a type of work we have been performing for more than 10 years.
You always can rely on help, timeliness and completeness of it and individual approach.


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