Amendments to the charter, incorporation

In case of any changes in the work-flow enterprises shall legally correct execute them. Thus,
making changes to the Articles of Association of the Entity is a frequent action accompanying
these processes.

RosCo helps to properly modify the documentation, consulting firms on all emerging issues. Thus, making changes to the Articles of Association of
LLC and company with another form of ownership has its own aspects. It is also important to execute all documents correctly in order to receive
correct sheets of changes in EGRUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities), because the set of documents is formed depending on the situation:
entrance or withdrawal of members, change of Director General, OKVED (Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities) codes, etc.

When performing such fundamental procedures as making changes to the Articles of Associations, the cost of mistake can be high,
so they must be performed by high-level professionals.


CHANGE OF DIRECTORS - upon termination of contracts with old management and appointment of new persons, RosCo performs all necessary actions:
making changes to the EGRUL in Moscow, notarial certification, replacement of signature cards in bank etc.

MAKING CHANGES TO PASSPORT DATA OF THE MANAGEMENT OR FOUNDING PERSONS in case of corrections in Russian documents or receipt of a Russian
passport by a foreign citizen. The law stipulates the automatic transfer of data from the Federal Migration Service, but, given that in practice it is necessary
to work with the EGRUL on your own, the assistance of our employees will be helpful. The process includes making decisions on changes in the
documentation, preparing a set of documents and its submission for registration, and then documenting the process in the EGRUL.

CHANGE OF THE NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION and LEGAL ADDRESSES, both in the internal and external documentation, with the adoption of resolutions, is rather laborious and requires the observance of many formalities that RosCo's employees have thoroughly studied. In this case (change of the legal address of the LLC), making changes to the EGRUL will require corrections to the Articles of Associations.

CHANGES IN THE SIZE OF THE AUTHORIZED CAPITAL both upward and downward (requires amendments to the Articles of Associations) - the value of the updated AC may increase due to the company's property, additional investments or the participation of third parties.

ADDITIONS AND CHANGES IN ACTIVITIES, AND THEREFORE CHANGE OF OKVED CODES. If they are significant enough, it is also recommended to make an adjustment in the constituent documents - introducing amendments to the Articles of Association of LLC, as well as making changes to the information in the EGRUL, requires a professional approach that will be provided by our specialists.


Due to a huge number of formalities accompanying the introduction of changes to the EGRUL, OKOPF (All-Russian Classifier
of Legal Forms), the price of inaccuracy can be very high.

RosCo will help to avoid it and pass through the process duly and in time. Our specialists monitor all the updates in the regulatory
and legal field and always have up-to-date information, which guarantees the correct introduction of changes to the EGRUL and OKOPF.

ORDER SERVICE "Amendments to the charter, incorporation"
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