Due diligence

Business processes dynamics in the modern world, including Moscow, makes companies management think about due diligence more often (literally - due diligence).

It is a series of actions aimed at forming objective perception about investment object. Due diligence inspection, the cost of which is determined by a number of factors, is very important for every owner of a business because it allows to determine the fair value of the object and existing risks.


Investment activities is fraught with many risks. If You want to be sure that Your investments will be
recovered, verify financial soundness of the object, hold yourself harmless from losses and, as the
result, develop profitable activities, address "RosCo". We are acting in the interests of the customers,
save time and professionally perform our work.

Due diligence is necessary, when:

  • planning to acquire a ready business or a company share package;

  • preparing for a company merger/affiliation;

  • a purchase of expensive assets is in prospect (securities, intellectual property);

  • a task of identifying violations in the company's activities is set.

By addressing us You can minimize legal, investment
and tax risks.

Due diligence, the cost of which is incomparably lower than possible losses,
helps to assess financial standing of the company, its stability and market position.


Address us now and avoid many risks and financial losses. Highly qualified "RosCo" experts who
have fundamental knowledge and huge practical experience successfully implement projects
of any degree of complexity.

Our professionals conduct Due Diligence (the price for this product is affordable)
along the following lines:

  • analyzing licenses, permits, founding and registration documents
    of the company;

  • analyzing tax risks, tax and other charges debts to authorized bodies
    (tax Due Diligence);

  • verifying credit and debit operations, as well as company's liabilities;

  • personnel management effectiveness assessment and risks associated with
    key personnel losses;

  • analyzing price policy, its adequacy to the situation on the market, and
    determining the level of company dependence on counter-parties;

  • verifying document flow, information systems relevance.

We shall analyze the object in details and draw up an expanded report, that will highlight
possible risks and discrepancies.

Besides, "RosCo" employees will give recommendations allowing to avoid negative financial
consequences and ensure stable flourishing for the business.

There is a number of issues that cannot be resolved using Your own resources.

We'll undertake to resolve them, help to save time and money, and highlight shortcomings
and possibilities for promising business areas development.

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