Tax arbitrage

The common cases of resorting of a taxpayer to arbitration with tax disputes:

  • Wrongful refusal of the tax authorities to refund VAT.
  • Appeals against decisions of tax authorities according to the results of the tax audit.
  • Claiming the refunding of unduly recovered amounts of a tax, penalty, fine from the tax authority.
  • Claiming the payment of interests for the delay of refund, offset a tax from the tax authority.

According to the data of the official statistics of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, as a rule, 74% of cases are resolved in favor of the taxpayer.

Specialists of the Company “RosCo” will provide you competent assistance and efficiently defend your interests in Arbitration court of tax disputes.

The company “RosCo” shall provide the following services:

  • Advising on issues related to the upcoming trial.
  • Review of documents in territory of the Client and rendering assistance in the preparation of evidence base.
  • Legal assessment of activities of the tax authorities.
  • Assessing the chances to settle the dispute taking into consideration the available evidences, based on the experience of specialists of “RosCo” Company and the existing arbitration practice.
  • Preparation of a statement of claim and other procedural documents (applications, petitions, complaints, explanations, reviews, etc.).
  • Adoption of interlocutory injunction.
  • Representing the Client’s interests in arbitration courts of first, appellate and reviewing instances.
  • Representing the taxpayers’ interests in Supreme Arbitration Court (VAS) of the Russian Federation.
  • Representing the Client’s interests during executory process.
Reading a case in the Arbitration Court - from 5% of the price of claim taking into account the complexity of the case and the amount of tax, but not least:
110,000 rubles – the first instance.
75,000 rubles – the second instance (apellate jurisdiction).
75,000 rubles – the third instance (reviewing instance).
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