Tax and legal consultations

Employees of the Company “RosCo” will provide detailed and well-reasoned consultation on the following issues:

  • Consultations on issues related to starting business in Russia.
  • Consultations on taxation and accounting.
  • Consultations on taxation of foreign companies, carrying out their business activities within the Russian territory.
  • Consultations on the use of agreements to avoid double taxation.
  • Consultations on the use of privileges for foreign investors.
  • Consultations on the application of labor laws.
  • Consultations on civil and corporate law.

Within a framework of the tax and legal consulting specialists of the Company “RosСо” shall:

  • Examine the effective norms of law;
  • Analyze the assessment of state authorities (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation Federal Tax Service, etc.);
  • Examine the existing judicial practice;
  • Identify possible economic and tax risks;
  • Draft recommendations to minimize the economic and tax risks.

We provide our consultations:

  • Verbally by the phone number: +7 (499) 444-00-00.
  • Verbally and in written form via Skype: rosco_audit.
  • In written form via e-mail:
  • In person at the office of the Company “RosCo”
  • In person at the Client's office.
One-shot consulting service. Carried out under a separate consulting agreement having been concluded, the cost of which is made up of preliminary assessment of labor expenditures and the rate
2,000 rubles /hour of work of 1 specialist /
Subscriber-based consulting service. The consulting is realized verbally or in writing. In the course of servicing the answers for the questions, analysis of sent documents and contracts are prepared. The consulting on issues concerning taxation and accounting, corporate and economic law, labour law is included in subscriber-based service. The issues are to be connected with the current activity of the Client.
The cost is 15,000 rub. per a month /independently on amount of verbal consultations/
ORDER SERVICE "Tax and legal consultations"
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