Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes

The company “RosCo” shall provide services for pre-trial settlement of tax disputes, including:

  • Maintenance of tax audit.
  • Preparation of objections to tax audit report.
  • Execution of the petition to the superior tax authority.
  • Representing the taxpayer’s interests in the tax authority.

There are two types of tax audits carried out by the tax authorities: off-site tax audit and on-site audit.

Off-site tax audit

Off-site tax audit shall be conducted at the place of location of the tax authority on the basis of tax returns (calculations) and documents presented by a taxpayer, as well as on the basis of other documents concerning a taxpayer's activities which are available to the tax authority.

Conducting an off-site tax audit shall be deemed obligatory if the taxpayer presents the VAT return, which indicates the amount of tax payable to the budget. Such audit shall be conducted within three months.

The companies - “importers” and “exporters” shall often have to refund VAT from the budget. Importing companies are required to pay VAT when moving goods across the customs Russian border. The companies importing goods shall be entitled to deduct VAT paid by them at customs.

As it is reported, the sale of goods for export is subject to VAT at 0% (zero rate VAT) and the input VAT on goods, works and services used for export activities may be deducted.

Taking into consideration the fact that the VAT rate shall make 18,10% of the taxable turnover, the procedure of VAT refund from the budget shall allow businessmen to save the considerable amount on the tax expenses.

VAT may not only be returned from the budget but offsetted against future payments of taxes.

Tax Consultants of the Company “RosCo” shall assist in the refund / offset of VAT.

The Company “RosCo” shall provide the following services:

  • Refund of VAT in case of denial of IFNS (Federal Tax Service Inspectorate).
  • Refund of VAT in case of inaction of the tax inspectorate.

On-site tax audit

On-site tax audit shall be conducted in the territory (in the premises) of the taxpayer according to the decision of Head (Deputy Head) of the tax authority.

On-site tax audit in respect of one taxpayer may be carried out in relation to one or several taxes. Only the period not exceeding three calendar years which are prior to the year, in which the decision on carrying out the audit was made, may be audited within the framework of on-site audit.

Professional maintenance of tax audit and pre-trial settlement of tax disputes effected by specialists of “RosCo" company shall permit to reduce the tax additional charges according to the results of the tax audit and also the amount of fines and tax penalties, as well as avoid a dispute with tax authorities in court.

  • Where the tax inspector could make a mistake? - the consultant of “RosCo” Company will answer this question.
  • How to prove the procedural irregularities admitted by the tax inspectorate when carrying out the audit? - the consultant of “RosCo” Company will tell you.
  • What documents should you provide? - the consultant of “RosCo” Company will recommend you.
  • What should I reply to the questions of a tax inspector? - the consultant of “RosCo” Company will give you necessary explanations personally.
  • How to write a letter of objection after receiving the results of the tax audit? - the consultant of “RosCo” Company will write it for you.

The cost of services consists of labor costs calculated on the project, multiplied by the participation rate of a specialist of “RosCo”
2,000 rubles /hour of work of 1 specialist /
ORDER SERVICE "Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes"
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