Replacement of the director

The replacement of the director is an important event in the life of any organization. For the company itself the appearance of the new director means not only changes in senior personnel and business of the company, but also changes in many documents. It stems from the fact that, according to the current legislation, the replacement of the director requires entering changes into the Unified state register of legal entities. Further on you can find more detailed information about the procedure itself and how “RosCo” specialists can help you go through it.

To begin with, the replacement of the director takes place inside the company. The company executes the Protocol and the Resolution of the director’s replacement with the signature of the owner of the company. After that the company must annul labour relations with the old director. In effect, this completes the director’s replacement inside the company. However, in order for the changes to come into force for the third parties, it is necessary to carry out a number of further actions.

Thus, the next step is to file documents to the tax authorities for entering changes into the Unified state register of legal entities. It has to be done within 3 days since the moment of executing the Protocol and the Resolution of the director’s replacement, otherwise the company might face administrative fine in the amount of 5,000 rubles. Entry of changes concerning the director’s replacement can be done by the new director only. It is mandatory to notarize the application containing the information about director’s replacement (the notary public certifies the authenticity of the director’s signature). After entering the changes into the Unified state register of legal entities comes the last step of the procedure of director’s replacement - signing the card containing the pattern of signatures at the bank accommodating the accounts of your company.


The cost of the service package for entering changes into the Unified state register of legal entities on director’s replacement:

from 7,400 rubles.

Keep in mind! During the time that we save you, you will earn much more that the cost of our services.

Why is it better to entrust “RosCo” specialists with this task?

  • We will prepare all the necessary documents for director’s replacement (Application, Protocol/Resolution, List of participants, Power of attorney).
  • We will request the necessary documents for entering changes into the Unified state register of legal entities from you only once.
  • We will do everything on time. Timely preparations and filing of the documents for the registration by “RosCo” specialists provide that you do not receive fines for untimely notification of the changes in the company.
  • We guarantee that the director is accompanied by a representative of the company at the notary public.
  • By individual request, under the notary power of attorney, we will file and receive documents at the tax inspectorate.
  • We will settle all the questions with the bank. We will fill out all the necessary documents, notify the bank of the director’s replacement and also help with the re-registration of the banking card.

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