Change of company’s address

The change of company’s address is one of the changes in company’s life which requires an obligatory alteration in the Regulations and also obligatory registration of these changes at the tax inspectorate. This simple, on the face of it, procedure can turn into a real headache for you and your company. Further on you can find out how to avoid this and how can “RosCo” specialists help you in this task.

The change of the legal address of the company, regardless of the reasons, takes place at the registering tax authority of the Russian Federation. However, before applying to the tax inspectorate, the owners of the company must pass a resolution concerning making alterations in the constituent documents of the legal entity. It is also necessary to ratify the Regulations in its new revision. After this you execute an application for state registration of the alterations made in the constituent documents of the legal entity.

Then this resolution and the application, along with the established set of documents, must be filed to the registering tax authority. Along with these documents, you must provide a document confirming the location of the company at the new address (usually a copy of the lease agreement and a copy of the certificate of proprietorship). On successful validation of the provided documents, the alterations are entered into the constituent documents and the Unified state register of legal entities.


The cost of the service package for changing the legal address of the company:

from 9,700 rubles.

Keep in mind! During the time that we save you, you will earn much more that the cost of our services.

Why is it better to entrust “RosCo” specialists with this task?

Many companies that have made the decision to carry out the procedure of changing the legal address of the company without assistance rather often encounter both rejections of the registration of changes and the consequent problems with report delivery and cooperation with state authorities and banks.

By turning to “RosCo” specialists with the issue of changing the legal address of the company, you will be able to avoid both these kinds of problems. This is how it is achieved:

  • In order to avoid the rejection of the registration of changes, it is at first checked whether your new legal address is present in the list of mass addresses.
  • The new Regulations of the company are developed in accordance with all the norms of the current legislation and they include all the details necessary for successful work. With such Regulations your company will not have any problems while cooperating with banks and state authorities including custom authorities.
  • Registration at the non-budgetary funds is carried out in such a way that after entering alterations you do not have problems with report delivery and paying taxes.
  • We notify the bank with which the account of the company is opened about the changes in your company which allows avoiding problems with making payments necessary for further activity.

Turning to “RosCo”, you can count not only on our professionalism and carrying out a service qualitatively and on time, but also on maximum comfort. That is why we will:

  • Request all the necessary documents from you only once.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents for changing the legal address of the company (Application, Protocol (Resolution), Resolutions in the new revision, List of participants, Receipt for payment of the state duty, Power of attorney).
  • Guarantee that you are accompanied by a representative of the company at the notary public.
  • If necessary, collect notifications from the funds and the codes of statistics.
  • By individual request, under the notary power of attorney, file and receive documents at the tax inspectorate.

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