Entering of the participant by depositing as the third person with increase of the authorized capital of LLC

According to the applicable law of the Russian Federation, the number of the Company’s participants is not fixed and can change both downwards and upwards. But this process requires due legal support. Besides in this case it is required to make amendments in the Charter of LLC and in the information, contained in the Uniform state register of legal entities (USRLE). Further we will analyze all theoretical and practical nuances of the procedure of admission of the new participant to the Company by payment of a contribution.

Usually, expansion of the composition of participants of LLC means the need of additional money infusions. But, whichever the reasons were, the entire process begins from submission of the application by the third person on the desire to join the Company. This application must contain such information, as the amount and the order of payment of the contribution, as well as the size of the desired share in the charter capital of the Company. If the proposal of this third person suits the current participants of LLC – the procedure of admittance of the new participant in the composition of the Company can be started.

For this the general meeting of the current participants of LLC must take a unanimous decision on increase of the charter capital and on admittance of the third person in the composition of the Company. Also, this meeting must take a number of decisions, required for correct documentation of the procedure. After all documents are ready, the matter depends on payment of the contribution by the third person. This must be done latest 6 months after the day of adoption of the above decisions. If this period is violated, increase of the charter capital shall be deemed invalid.

As soon as the contribution is paid, one can proceed to the state registration of changes, which took place in the company. For this, the established set of documents for introduction of amendments in the Charter and in the USRLE in connection with increase of the Charter capital of the Company shall be submitted to the tax inspectorate within a month. Hereby, it is required to present the documents, confirming payment of the contribution by the third person to the full extent. According to the applicable law, in this case registration actions are performed by the current director of LLC.

We propose you to impose practically all troubles and the burden of responsibility on documentation of this procedure on the specialists of «RosCo». Due to the excellent knowledge of the theoretical part of the question and extensive practical experience the entire process of entry of the participant in LLC will be as quick as possible and with minimum costs of your attention and time. Remember! For the time we will save for you, you will earn much more money, than it is required for payment of our services.


Admittance of the participant in LLC, by payment of the contribution to the charter capital of the Company:

from 9,700 rubles

Having entrusted this task to the specialists of «RosCo» you will get:

  • Full legal support at all stages of the procedure.
  • Texts of all decisions, required for admittance of the new participant in the composition of the Company, developed with account of all nuances of your company. You will need just to affix seals and signatures.
  • Restated charter.
  • Accompanying the current director to the notarial office.
  • Submission and receipt of documents in the tax inspectorate without your participation. All this will be done by the employee of «RosCo» under the notarial power of attorney.
  • Discount card of a regular customer with 10% discount for any services upon subsequent referrals.
  • Solution of the task on entry of the participant in LLC within seven working days.

ORDER SERVICE "Entering of the participant by depositing as the third person with increase of the authorized capital of LLC"

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