Work permit for citizens of the cis (without a visa)

There is a need to hire employees from the near-abroad countries. Don’t know, how to register this legally?

Save your precious time on studying the law and issue of all required documents. RosCo specialists will help your company to pass the procedure of official employment of foreigners without visas as quickly as possible and in accordance with all laws.

According to the law of the Russian Federation, companies and institutions, wishing to employ the citizens of CIS-states and other countries without a visa, are not obliged to receive a permit for attraction and use of the foreign work force. However, it is still required to fulfill some requirements, both on the part of the company, and on the part of the employee. For legal registration the employee shall get a patent for temporary employment, which is issued by the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service. On the part of the company it is required to inform the territorial Federal Tax Service of employment of a foreigner.

With RosCo it is easy to get a patent for temporary employment for the employee! All that is required from him – is:

  • passport
  • notarial translation of the passport
  • registration at the location
  • migration card
  • 3 photos (3х4, color, matte)
  • document, confirming command of Russian
  • to come for an exam I Russia (in the absence of the document, confirming knowledge of the language)
  • to make a blood test for a medical certificate
  • to come for a dactyloscopic expertise (fingerprints) and for submission of documents to the Federal Migration Service
  • to come personally and to receive a patent

The received patent shall be extended monthly by the advance payment at the rate of 4,000 rubles (the cost is established by the state), otherwise it shall be cancelled. Extension for several months is also possible.

Why is it beneficial to entrust issue of patents for your employees to RosCo?

time, spent for issue of all required documents
time, spent for submission of documents and visits to the state authorities
overall time of receipt of a patent for temporary employment
with RosCo

Have you already counted the time saved? And now multiply it for the number of employees, who deed a patent. Impressive, isn’t it?


Cost of a complex of services on official registration of a foreign employee:

25,000 rubles

Remember! For the time that we will save for you, you will earn much more money than it will be required for payment of our services.

ORDER SERVICE "Work permit for citizens of the cis (without a visa)"

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