Personnel audit

Why do you need personnel audit?

Labor risks. Russian labor legislation has a lot of requirements to the formulation not only of employment but also to regulation of the employees’ work, execution of dismissal process. If a document is not issued correctly, then the employer company runs the risks of penalties from the labor inspectorate.

Migration risks. Personnel audit is particularly relevant for companies that employ foreign workers. In practice, one employee is engaged in the execution of migration documents (work permits, plastic cards, registration of foreign workers, etc.), and another employee keeps these records and calculates wages. Not always the results of their work are coordinated. In this connection, the employer company runs huge risks of penalties for violation of immigration laws, which amount to millions of rubles.

Tax risks. Personnel audit allows you to reduce tax risks. It's no secret, that based on the wages and other charges in favor of the workers, the employer company must pay a lot of taxes and social contributions. Personnel audit will help you to figure out whether your accountant has correctly calculated the tax and fees from wages.

Personnel audit includes:

  • Inspection of personnel documents for the Customer’s employees (orders, statements, employment contracts, work records, etc.).
  • Inspection of internal personnel circulation of document personnel (staff list, time sheets, vacation plan, provision on bonuses, etc.).
  • Checking the calculation of medical certificates.
  • Checking the correctness of payroll and benefits accounting of the Customer’s employees.
  • Examination of documents on foreign employees to establish compliance with immigration law.
  • Checking the calculation of personal income tax and social contribution for compliance with the tax laws and legislation on social contributions.
  • Validation of reporting on payroll taxes and duties.
  • Checking the timeliness of reporting delivery on taxes and duties.
  • Check the completeness and timeliness of payment of personal income tax and social contributions to the budget and extra-budgetary funds.
  • Current consulting of the Customer’s employees on labor legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Advising Customer’s employees on organizing personnel document circulation.

The result of the conducted personnel audit is:

  • A written report for the management of the company

    The written report shall include all the errors and distortions, identified during the personnel audit, as well as violations of law, revealed by the personnel audit and recommendations to address them.

  • Summary report for the management

    Is drawn up at the request of the Customer and contains the results of the personnel audit, required by the Customer’s management.

    If personnel audit reveals many errors in personnel record management and charge of taxes and fees, specialists of RosCo will restore the personnel record management in your company and prepare revised declarations on salary taxes and duties.

If, based on the personnel audit, you've come to the conclusion that it is better to entrust personnel records to professionals, you can sign a contract with us and we shall keep your personnel records.

Time-frames of the personnel audit

Personnel audit is conducted at any time, convenient to the Customer.


The cost of personnel audit depends on the objectives of personnel audit, the number of employees the Customer has, the presence of foreign workers.

The cost of personnel audit includes the calculated work hours for the project, multiplied by the rate of the specialist of RosCo.

1,500 rubles / 1 hour of specialist’s work /
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