Labor disputes

Today, more and more often there appear disagreements between the employee and the employer.

Labor legislation in Russia has a lot of guarantees for workers, which the Employer does not always consider necessary to perform.

RosCo has experienced accountants, engaged in personnel record management, auditors, conducting personnel audit, staff workers, who select personnel to our customers, as well as lawyers, specializing in human resources law.

Cases, when you may need the help of RosCo specialist:

The Employer:

  • Dismissal of workers.
  • Staff reduction.
  • Preparation of in-house documents to prevent labor disputes (Job descriptions for employees of the Customer, the Regulation on certification, employment contracts, etc.).
  • Personnel record management

The Employee:

  • Wrongful dismissal.
  • Challenging transfer to another job.
  • Restoration on work.
  • Recovery of arrears of wages.
  • Recovery of payment for the period of enforced idleness.
  • Ascertainment of the fact of employment relationship.

Lawyers from RosCo will provide you professional assistance at all stages of labor disputes:

  • Advising clients on the application of the labor legislation.
  • Examination of the available documents.
  • Out-of court settlement of labor disputes (drafting of claims, complaints, petitions).
  • Preparation of documents for the settlement of labor disputes in court (claims, reviews of writs, appeals, regulatory complaints, applications and petitions, etc.).
  • Representing the Customer’s interest in the court of the first instance, Court of Appeal, revision of judicial decisions as supervision.

Consulting services

2,000 rubles / 1 hour of specialist’s work /

Drafting a statement of claim

from 3,000 rubles

Drafting claims, complaints, petitions

from 3,000 rubles

Out-of court settlement of a labor dispute

from 10,000 rubles

Labour disputes in court

from 20,000 rubles each instance
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