HR records keeping

In Russia the legislation regulating labour relations between an employee and employer is complicated. The Labour Code of the Russian Federation contains a lot of guarantees to the employees passing from Soviet times. A great number of normative acts regulating issues concerning labour, employment and dismissal procedures, provision of guarantees to the employees are used except the Labour Code.

Nowadays when an offended employee addresses a complaint to the labour inspectorate, it is not a rare situation. The employee is provided with the responsibility, administrative - in the form of penalties as well as criminal one which can be imposed over the management of the employer for failure to comply with many rules provided by the labour legislation.

To comply with many rules of the labour legislation is also necessary to ground tax calculation of the salary of the employees while performing check by tax authorities.

If you have foreign employees in the staff, you cannot manage without proper HR records keeping. Only the circulation of documents concerning staff organized in a right way will help You to avoid high penalties of Federal Migration Service connected with employment of foreign labour.

Sooner or later almost every employer concludes about importance of HR records keeping in the company. However it isn’t always possible to find a specialist who can perform HR records keeping competently and to the full extent.

In companies involving foreign employees, one department is responsible for making work permits, another one for making working documents, and the third one for calculation of salary and compensations. Such situation also leads to numerous divergences and as a result to breaches.

Isn’t it better to entrust the conducting of HR records keeping to the company specialized in rendering of services concerning HR records keeping – the Company “RosCo”? Especially if foreign specialists work in your company. We specialize in rendering consulting services mainly to foreign companies.

Besides conducting of HR records keeping in the company “RosCo” provides confidentiality of information concerning salary of Your employees.

In the network of HR records keeping the employees of the Company “RosCo” shall:

  • Draw up labour contracts.
  • Fill in work record books.
  • Draw internal order documents (orders, instructions, applications and others).
  • Fill in primary documents concerning employees’ information (timesheets, pay lists, payroll records and others).
  • Calculate the salary and other payments to the employees.
  • Calculate taxes.
  • Make and hand in the reporting to the Tax Inspectorate, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and Statistical Office.

For 1 employee, a citizen of the Russian Federation, per a month

500 rub.

For 1 foreign employee per a month

800 rub.

Advantages of conducting of HR records keeping in the company “RosCo”:

  • Integrated approach to HR records keeping. Registration of all requirements of labour, migration and tax legislation.
  • High quality of service rendering guaranteed by existence of wide experience of conducting of HR records keeping including foreign employees. In the Company “RosCo” the “Internal Audit Department” performs audit of companies, HR records keeping which are entrusted to the Company “RosCo”. Responsibility for qualitative conducting of HR records keeping is specified in details in the contract. Professional responsibility of the Company “RosCo” is insured by OJSC “Alfastrakhovanie”.
  • Confidentiality compliance.
  • Saving concerning “salary taxes” of the staff involved in HR records keeping. Saving of 47% = 13% of Personal Income Tax + 34% of insurance contributions. Besides you may include the cost of services on conducting of HR records keeping in the expenses acceptable when calculating income tax. Saving in income tax makes 20%.
  • Saving of time for search and testing of the personnel involved in HR records keeping.
  • You don’t have to pay a leave or medical leave. The Company conducting HR records keeping is not ill and doesn’t need an annual leave.
  • You don’t have to equip work places for the personnel involved in HR records keeping.
  • You don’t have to buy and update 1C accounting software programmes, reference and information systems “Consultant”, “Garant” and etc., spend money for advanced training and subscription for core publications.
  • You don’t have to connect independently electronic channels of handing in the reporting and pay for this extra money.
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