Express-audit enables to assess state of accounting and tax accounting quickly and with minimum financial expenses, to reveal main tax risks, to carry out financial analysis of the company’s activity.

In the course of express-audit the items as follows are assessed: accounting system on the whole, main economic contracts, accounting and fiscal statements, main documentation.

Express-audit is required in the cases as follows:

  • Express-audit for obtaining general information concerning the state of accounting and tax accounting. Pursuant to the performed express-audit, the Client’s management may adopt a resolution on performance of more profound audit or order a service of “restoration” of accounting and tax accounting.
  • Express-audit when issuing securities. Audit of issue prospectus is mandatory in accordance with the applicable legislation (the Law on securities market clause 2 of article 22.1.). For the purposes of confirmation of authenticity and completeness of the information contained therein, the securities prospectus must be signed by the auditor. The auditor confirms authenticity of the information in the part of the securities prospectus it specified, including annual accounting statements of the issuer, compliance of the procedure of the issuer’s accounting keeping with the legislation of the Russian Federation as well as compliance of all significant aspects of other financial information contained in section III – V and VIII of the securities prospectus with the information of audited annual accounting statements of the issuer contained in the securities prospectus.

Express-audit includes:

  • Financial analysis;
  • Examination of minutes of general meetings of shareholders (members), the board of directors (supervisory board) and other relevant documents;
  • Express-audit of monetary funds;
  • Express-audit of accounts receivable;
  • Express-audit of inventories;
  • Express-audit of financial investments;
  • Express-audit of fixed assets and amortization;
  • Express-audit of deferred expenses and intangible assets;
  • Express-audit of loans and credits;
  • Express-audit of accounts payable on settlements with suppliers and contractors;
  • Express-audit of tax audits;
  • Express-audit of legal cases and claim disputes;
  • Express-audit of the capital;
  • Express-audit of income and expenses from ordinary activities;
  • Express-audit of other income and expenses;
  • Express-audit of operations with affiliated persons.

In consequence of the express-audit a Report is made.

The Report must show all facts of violation of the accounting and tax legislation revealed by the specialists of Company “RosCo” and recommendations on removal thereof.


Cost of express-audit depends on the scope of works, scale and complexity of the Client’s activity.

Cost of express-audit is made up of calculated labour costs on the project multiplied by the rate of work of specialist of Company “RosCo”.

One of the advantages of performance of express-audit with Company “RosCo” is a moderate price.

Minimum cost of performance of express-audit makes 30,000 rubles.
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