Record keeping

The Company “RosCo” offers complete package of services concerning tax and accounting record keeping.

At the Client’s wish it is possible to keep separate sections of the accounting (calculation of salary, preparation and provision of the reports to the Tax Authorities and Pension Fund including personified report, record keeping of fixed assets and intangible assets, accounting and tax record keeping of amortization expenses and etc.).

The Company “RosCo” performs record keeping according to basic directions:

  • Current record keeping on all registers.
  • HR records keeping.
  • Calculation of salary.
  • Calculation of taxes and fees.
  • Preparation of tax accounts and accounting statements.
  • Handing in of the statements to the state authorities for corresponding reporting and tax periods.

Different approaches are possible for organization of projects concerning record keeping:

Integrated record keeping in the office of the Company “RosCo”.

Provision of complete keeping of accounting and fiscal accounting, calculation of salary, making of necessary forms of tax accounts, accounting statements and statistical accounting and others.

The record keeping as a Chief accountant.

Your employees draw the primary documents, enter them in accounting software. The accountant of the Company “RosCo” keeps complex sections of fiscal accounting and accounting, performs control procedures, makes tax accounts and accounting statements.


Monthly services for the accounting purposes for legal entities /special tax treatments/

from 8,000 rub. /per a month/

Monthly services for the accounting purposes for legal entities /general tax treatment/

from 12,000 rub. /per a month/

Profitability of record keeping in the Company “RosCo”:

  • You don’t pay “salary taxes” of the amount of accounting remuneration. Saving makes 47% = 13% of Personal Income Tax + 34% of insurance contributions.
  • You may include the cost of services on record keeping in the expenses acceptable when calculating income tax. Saving in income tax makes 20%.
  • You don’t have to waste time for search and testing of the personnel for record keeping.
  • You don’t have to think if Your accountant does his work competently. In the Company “RosCo” the “Internal Audit Department” performing audit of companies which record keeping is charged with the Company “RosCo” will do it instead of You.
  • You don’t have to pay a leave or medical leave. The Company keeping record is not ill and doesn’t need an annual leave.
  • You don’t have to buy and update 1C accounting software programmes, reference and information systems “Consultant”, “Garant” and etc., spend money for advanced training and subscription for profession-oriented accounting publications.
  • You don’t have to connect independently electronic channels of handing in accounting statements and tax accounts and pay for it extra money.
  • You don’t have to equip a work place for accounting department.
  • The qualified lawyers, tax consultants and auditors of the Company “RosCo” will always help you in case of arising of difficult issues in accounting and taxation.
  • Responsibility for qualitative record keeping is specified in details in the contract on record keeping. Professional responsibility of the Company “RosCo” is insured by OJSC “AlfaStrakhovanie”.

We are ready for collaboration beginning with formation of “zero accounting” till daily interaction with the Client.

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